The dictatorial suspension of civil liberties is a dangerous failure


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau exposed the Canadian people to the first and only invocation of the Emergency Act without justifying the problem he created, deliberately exacerbated, and did nothing to resolve.

Rather than anger from the progressive civil libertarians and most of the commentary on this massive overshoot (except for the two Civil Freedom Associations and some clergy), we are on the issue of liberalism and its coercion. Treated as an undisturbed attack on those who oppose it.

Despite the preamble to the law and the soothing guarantees of the Prime Minister, it is clearly wrong to claim that our basic rights have not been eroded, and the Finance Minister of the actions she was trying to take shortly thereafter. Continued to read calmly.

The number of people whose bank accounts have been frozen without a court order is unknown. Whether the targeted people of our politicians participated in the blockade, were donated to Freedom Convoy, appeared to show their support, or appeared out of curiosity, the truck driver (Kats, Alberta). I don’t know if he hugged (like the police). He praised truck drivers for responding to government situations or for the end of COVID restrictions. Our financial institutions are forced to implement rigorous measures comparable to those imposed on Magnitsky Act violators for human rights abuses. These measures have attracted international ridicule, and uninvolved Canadians are worried about access to savings.

The possibility of arbitrary application of the law when Justice Minister David Lametti said, “If you are a member of the Trump support movement donating to this kind of thing, you should be worried.” Clarified. Therefore, the wrong party may mean that the Liberal government will prevent you from accessing cash or paying invoices. husband. It’s a joke when the minister praises Operation Warp Speed. Hopefully you will forgive all the sneaky things I said about your boss, perhaps the most deliberately divided prime minister in Canadian history.

63 percent of Canadians agree It’s time to lift the government-imposed restrictions on COVID-19 “Rather than constantly running away from the virus, start living with it,” said Doug Ford, Premier of Ontario, “this is the end.” Trudeau could have spread the situation by talking to truck drivers and removing unnecessary restrictions, as many other countries have already done. He did the opposite.

Before the law came into force, police enforced the law on the Ambassador Bridge and the Katz blockage, and Ottawa may have been cleared at the same time. The inability to tow a truck was cited as a valid reason to suspend the rights of 38 million Canadians. However, police could have arrested the driver, connected the vehicle with heat rays, and ousted him. That didn’t happen before, as Ottawa’s recently dismissed police chief refused to do his job. The federal government skipped all intermediate steps and became the core of the tyrannical remedies legally required as a last resort. If the Supreme Court decides that an emergency can be dealt with effectively under other laws and therefore the imposition of that law is invalid, the impact on government credibility will be devastating. Become.

Suspending civil liberties can set a precedent, especially if the standards are set very low. If it turns into a peaceful profession, but can cause an emergency due to a peaceful protest that could be dealt with by normal police action, it risks cooling freedom of assembly and speech. ..

We reached this dangerous point as the Prime Minister imposed a vaccination obligation on truck drivers for no epidemiological reasons in January. He exacerbated the crisis with a false abusive depiction of working-class truck drivers having “unacceptable” opinions as racists and misogynists.

Trudeau went skiing, hiding from sight as the event unraveled, until President Biden urged him to take action. It was as if he wanted to provoke protesters as a wedge tactic so he could take powerful action as his father, Pierre Trudeau, did during the FLQ crisis 32 years ago. The insults solidified the protesters’ determination, but they remained peaceful no matter how badly provoked.

The prime minister’s default tactic is to blame those who disagree with him about prejudice and white supremacism without the farthest justification of such sneaky accusations. Last week he hit a new low. During the interrogation period, Trudeau mistakenly accused Conservative lawmakers, including Melissa Lantzmann, a Jewish member of the Holocaust survivor’s family, with those who raised the Nazi flag. Disgust and overt stupidity undermine his moral authority to guide the country.

Trudeau may believe that declaring an unnecessary emergency shows strong leadership and gains short-term public support, but when the facts become clear, the dictatorial stink is his. Stick to him for the rest of his expired political career and beyond.

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Joe Oliver


Joe Oliver was Minister of Finance and Minister of Natural Resources of Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

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