The direct conflict between Russia and NATO is “World War III”

President Joe Biden said the United States and NATO should avoid fighting Russia in Ukraine as it will lead to World War III.

“We continue to work with our European allies and send an unmistakable message. Biden unifies every corner of NATO’s territory after announcing further economic penalties for Moscow from the White House on Friday. We will do our best to defend NATO through. “

The United States and NATO added, “We will not fight the war with Russia in Ukraine.” “The direct conflict between NATO and Russia is World War III and we must strive to prevent it.”

Since the start of the invasion on February 24, Russian officials, including Foreign Minister Sergeĭ Viklov, have warned of Russia’s ability as a nuclear-armed nation. A few days after the conflict began, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered his strategic deterrence to oversee some of the country’s nuclear weapons.

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said in early March that Western sanctions were pushing Russia towards “World War III.” Said Al Jazeera has clearly warned the United States and NATO that “World War III will be a devastating nuclear war.”

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky and other members of the Kyiv government have requested a NATO no-fly zone over Ukraine that is not a member of NATO or the European Union.

“Don’t wait for me to ask you to close the sky a few times, a million times. You [will] You have to call the people who lost their children and say, “I’m sorry I didn’t do it yesterday.” Zelensky Said Thursday sky news.

White House and NATO officials said such an agreement was a non-starter, as it represents a sharp escalation. Russia has warned that any country attacking Russian troops in Ukraine is considered to have participated in the conflict.

Instead of being directly involved, the United States and other NATO members provided weapons, ammunition, intelligence, and supplies to Ukrainian troops and defense forces. They also hit Russia’s economy with strict sanctions.

Biden’s comment came when a line of Russian troops heading to Kyiv was being reorganized northwest of the Ukrainian capital, a satellite image from Maxar Technologies revealed, according to To Reuters. According to satellite images, the vehicle was placed outside the capital for weeks with little movement.

Images released by US-based Maxar show armored vehicles moving through towns and airports near northwestern Kyiv.

Ukraine accused Russian troops of bombarding and bombarding cities across the country, including the almost untouched western part of the country, on Friday.

“Russia is likely to be resetting and relocating its troops for new offensive activities in the coming days,” the British Ministry of Defense said on Friday. “This will probably include operations against the capital Kyiv.”

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Jack Phillips is the latest news reporter for The Epoch Times, based in New York.