The district has created a “very hostile environment” than the equity initiative

Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) gained public attention after being a PE teacher. Tanner cross It was suspended and then resumed by court order because it challenged the district’s proposed transgender policy.

Cross raises religious opposition and concerns about student safety and well-being and speaks to children “without any proof” using synonyms that match gender identity rather than biological gender. I challenged the rules required of faculty and staff. After some parents complained and put pressure on the elementary school, Cross was released until later notified.

Dozens of parents and teachers come to Cross’s defense at a school board meeting on Tuesday to treat their beloved teachers as a school district, impose comprehensive obligations, and dare to oppose or question the status quo. Condemned the suppression of.

12th grade social studies teacher Monica Gil, exclusive interview National ReviewThe district said that its impartial initiative created a “very hostile environment.”

“We continue to be told we’re having a conversation, but there’s no real conversation,” Gil points out.

During the hearing, Gil stood on the podium and accused the school board of silenced the opposition. ..

“My colleague Tanner Cross was taken on vacation to express his religious beliefs and concerns. These actions are more like totalitarianism than constitution,” Gil said.

“First and foremost, I am a Christian. What is the most important thing? We see the truth, not the lie. We see the personality, not the color of the skin. We do our job. I love you and I love others. Know this, we won’t give up, “she continued.

Gil said National Review The Tanner Cross blunder was just the tip of the iceberg when it came to district diversity, inclusiveness, and equal outcomes. agenda..

“The situation at Tanner Cross is a bigger umbrella issue in the LCPS equity push issue,” she said.

Gil is in elementary and junior high school in Virginia, in the words of Gil, a new program called “Social Emotion Learning” is underway, giving children a “curriculum of left-progressive social justice warriors.” He said he was teaching. AP government teachers said they had younger friends and were clues to the latest developments for younger students.

Gil confirmed that LCPS teachers need to enroll in race-focused diversity and inclusion training, but LGBTQ equity training will come next, she says.

Although no formal administrative instructions have been given, Gil said the coined word “weakening indoctrination” implies that teachers will return new knowledge gained from equity programming to the classroom.

“The implicit expectation is to incorporate it into the course material,” Gil added.

“I thought my job was to give students different perspectives. Should I be a teacher or an educator?” Gil commented.

In the case of Tanner Cross, he won his first legal victory, and the judge issued a provisional injunction and ordered him to return to school immediately. The proceedings are still pending and the trial date is likely to be set soon.

Tyson Langhofer, Senior Attorney for the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) team Representative Cross, told National Review The ruling still retains the power of the First Amendment to “if people like Tanner can stand up and say they can’t be silenced by government bureaucrats, they can win these battles.” Is shown.

Langhofer confirmed that there is ongoing debate at LCPS and across the country on LGBTQ inclusion issues. However, he argued that LCPS “is engaged in political activities rather than meeting the needs of students, teachers and parents in the community.”

The lawyer said Mr. Cross was optimistic about the situation and believed that public schools should coexist in a diverse and multidimensional society.

According to Langhofer, the fight to prevent progressive ideology from permeating public schools and replacing quality education has never been lost.

“People feel helpless about this call-out culture, but they don’t have to. If people give their opinions and don’t withdraw, we can win,” he said. ..

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