The dog, missing for two years after they watched him on TV, reunited with his family


Brown dog.

Brown dog. Mladen Antonov / AFP via Getty Images

The Wisconsin man, who fell asleep with the TV on, was not dreaming when he woke up. I saw his missing dog in the morning news.

A Milwaukee man identified as Dwight woke up last month in the WITI-TV segment of adoptable dogs. He soon learned that the little brown dog that slammed into the TV screen was Payday. His dog went missing about two years ago. The payday was his daughter’s best friend, and the family never gave up the hope that the dog would find a way back to them.

Dwight called the television station and contacted the Wisconsin Humane Society. The payday was in one of the places not far from Dwight’s house, and later that day Dwight’s mom Melissa went to the facility to pick up her puppy. As soon as Payday saw her, he jumped into her arm and covered her with a kiss.See a fun reunion here.