The double standard is clear in the handling of long-term BC pipeline protests and Ottawa’s anti-mandate protests.


More than 20 armed militants attacked a remote BC pipeline construction site as police gathered in Ottawa this week to protest with elastic castles, waving flags, and dancing.

Attacks on the Coastal GasLink (CGL) site cost millions of dollars and injured police officers. Guards were threatened by ax-wielding perpetrators while trees were dropped across the road and traps were set up to prevent police from entering the scene. Fortunately no one was killed in such a bold and dangerous attack.

Meanwhile, legacy media continued to focus on reporting that the organizers were very peacefully arrested during the Freedom Convoy protests in Ottawa. No violence was seen, but parliament was closed and civil rights were suspended.

Despite the nasty protests in Ottawa, peace has been going on for three weeks. The federal government is acting relatively quickly and will implement emergency legislation to rout protesters. A national state of emergency has been declared, allowing the government to take extreme actions such as forcing labor by wrecker drivers, seizing supporters’ bank accounts, and arresting hundreds, if not thousands, of them. I want

Increasingly violent protests and actions against British Columbia’s CGL pipeline project have been going on for more than two years. Police action has been repeatedly demanded as outside activists continue to intimidate and thwart projects that are at least underpinned. 20 local indigenous people community.

Arrests were made during the CGL protest, but prosecutions against detained people were minor or withdrawn. So they come back again and again and keep blocking the project.

Supportive protests arose nationwide when activists were arrested in 2020 for blocking the CGL project. The federal government sat in their hands while railroads and other important infrastructure were blocked and trains were blocked. Attacked with a burning pallet several weeks. Only the advent of COVID-19 really ended these protests.

in the meantime Tens of millions of dollars from foreign sources The government is not trying to track down and seize these funds, as they have been sent to environmental groups that oppose the pipeline project. Not to mention the donor’s bank account.

CGL’s protests have been in dire straits for years and have become more extreme, despite warning signs that things would get worse if ignored for much longer.

Two of the Freedom Convoy organizers were involved in Ottawa’s protests and were responsible for counseling to commit various crimes. They have never tried to incite violence. Still, CBC icon David Suzuki could only bear the pressure to apologize when he recklessly said this last November. “The pipeline will be blown up” If politicians do not deal with climate change.

With such a visible and holistic double standard on the part of the federal government when it comes to dealing with protesters, it’s hard to see militants feel bold enough to violently attack the workplace. Is it really shocking? The government is only trying to surrender in CGL protests, but is working to impose the most aggressive bills across the arsenal on protesters of the Ottawa convoy. Of course, radicals who oppose CGL feel a sense of impunity.

Attacks on construction sites in BC were well coordinated and planned. It should come as no surprise that the perpetrator, who was beaten in a mask in the middle of the night, chose this timing as police resources are now directed east. They knew they wouldn’t be caught or prosecuted.

The Trudeau Liberal Party should understand how to walk and chew gum here. While they are deeply investing in crushing peaceful rallies in Ottawa, they can no longer ignore BC violence.

We see the signs of a country under a government that has lost all control, with the respect of the people. Extreme activists of all kinds will test and exceed the limits of the law in the next few days.Hope for ongoing security Ferry leak protest Vancouver Island is not in short supply now.

Canada’s motto is “Peace, Order and Good Government”. At this time, none of them are displayed.

The turmoil in this country is entirely due to the government, and they have lost the trust of too many countries and can no longer easily get out of it.

A good government demands equal application of the law. Until that happens, we will not see peace or order.

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Corey Morgan


Cory Morgan is a Calgary-based columnist and business owner.

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