The Dunkin’Donuts coffee shop in Colorado was temporarily closed due to a reduction in staff from 15 to 3, and we couldn’t find a replacement.


  • The Dunkin’Donuts branch in Colorado Springs was temporarily closed due to lack of enough workers.

  • “We are in a major labor crisis,” said the CEO of the franchisee, which manages seven Dunkin’Donuts stores.

  • Before the store closed, the rotor had only three employees. The Gazette reported..

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Dunkin & # 39; Donuts

The franchisee hopes to resume in the coming weeks. Nick Ut / AP image

The Dunkin’Donuts branch in Colorado Springs temporarily closed the door because it was struggling to find a worker in a labor shortage. The Gazette reported..

Alex Apodaca, chief operating officer of JB Partners, an Arizona-based franchise that manages seven Dunkin’Donuts stores in the region, told the outlets:

Dunkin’Donuts on the west side of Colorado Avenue has been open for 55 years. Stores typically have 15 employees in the rotor. But just before the store closed, it fell to three, Apodaka said.

“We are facing a major labor crisis, which is 100% of the reason we were closed,” he added. “There is no other reason.”

However, Dunkin’Donuts, which changed its brand name from Dunkin’Donuts in 2018, is not the only one struggling.Other businesses in the US still Efforts to address labor shortagesA few months after the state reduced unemployment allowance enhancements.

Ray Sykes, who owns the Italian restaurant Arabellas in Winter Haven, Said to the ledger He had to do Hire workers still in high school Someone who has little or no experience.

In late august At least three Chick Philei restaurants in Alabama have closed their dining rooms They didn’t have enough employees to keep them open. The other two started closing early “Because the number of staff is very small” Insider Grace Dean reported..

In the case of Dunkin’Donuts, JB Partners had already closed and reopened at least two locations in Springs in the last 18 months due to the employment crisis.

“It’s a little hard to hire in that part of the town,” Apodaka told The Gazette. “If we were a few miles west and a few miles east, we wouldn’t have the same problem, but for some reason, that pocket is very hard to find someone who wants to work. “

According to Apodaka, the franchisee hopes to resume in the coming weeks.

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