The duo held a “protest” instead after three California venues refused to host Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene’s “America First” event.

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  • Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz are in California for an “America First” tour stop.

  • Three Southern California event venues have canceled event hosting.

  • Green and Gates instead held a “peaceful protest of free speech” at Riverside City Hall.

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Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz held a “Peaceful Protest of Freedom of Speech” on Saturday night in Riverside, California, after three event venues refused to host it.

Republicans were in Southern California to stop by for the “America First” tour. The Pacific Hills Banquet & Event Center, a hotel in Laguna Hills, California, originally planned to host the event, Cancel A week before I knew who the speaker was, he said, “I just want to avoid it.”

After that, the Riverside Convention Center was held, Cancel 24 hours before the event, after receiving a backlash from the community.

Finally, the Anaheim Event Center in Orange County Cancel City spokesman Mike Lister told insiders on Saturday.

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Several other events are already taking place in the city, according to Lister. “They require public security attention and resources,” he said. “This event overlaid on top of it would have put pressure on resources.”

In a statement provided to insiders, Green’s office said Green and Gates would host a protest at Riverside City Hall at 5 pm instead of an event scheduled at the venue.

“For the past week, I’ve seen Communists left in California use the threat of violence, intimidation, and harassment to bully business owners and cancel peaceful American rallies. “It was,” said Green.

She then said she had blown up call-out culture and experienced it directly in Congress and California. “The Left uses the same tactics adopted by tyranny throughout history that wants to completely silence political opponents.”

Green has been a controversial figure since joining Congress in January.she was Deprived of her home committee duties In February, she promoted the conspiracy theory and posted online in support of political violence.

Gates also opposed the canceled event, Tweet, “Woketopians are afraid to administer #AmericaFirst in California.”

A Gates spokesperson did not immediately respond to the insider’s request for comment.

The protest was livestreamed by a right-wing outlet RSBN.. Green and Gates arrived shortly after the event began and led the crowd with the “USA” chant.

They each talked for about 5 minutes. Green told the crowd, “The radical left wants to cancel you,” but she and Gates said, “I refused to cancel because I wouldn’t let you cancel.”

She also praised former President Donald Trump’s “America’s First Policy.”

Both lawmakers opposed the cancellation of their venue event, saying Mr. Gates “we will not be silent and will not be closed.”

“You have proved that they can’t cancel these MPs, they can’t cancel this rally, they can’t cancel the America First political movement,” he said.

Green and Gates departed within 15 minutes of arrival.

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