The embarrassing zoom accident of Kentucky Senator was broadcast live during a committee meeting

Frankfort, Ky. — This is a recurring nightmare for many in the pandemic era — unintentionally unmute the computer during a remote work meeting, saying something very inappropriate or embarrassing.

The nightmare has become a reality for State Sen. Denise Harper Angel, D-Louisville, Wednesday, everyone was able to hear when she swore to her husband in a discussion that was inadvertently shared livestream with the Kentucky Senate.

Harper Angel heard at a committee meeting that the committee’s audience and senators elicited a restrained laugh as they testified to his bill. ..

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After hearing a voice discussing with her in the background, Harper Angel sternly said, “Shut up!” — At that point, there was no audio from her feed and the meeting continued.

In the tweeted statement Later that afternoon, Senator Fifth confirmed that she was the voice she heard, saying, “When I thought my computer was muted, the private moment between my husband and me was wrong. Was shared. “

“Every couple has a disagreement,” Harper Angel said. “The stress of wearing different hats and the ongoing pandemic emerged when there was a problem with access to the zoom. This was a personal moment not for public broadcasting. You respect it. I hope you will do it. “

Kentucky State Senator Denise Harper Angel, D-Louisville.

Kentucky State Senator Denise Harper Angel, D-Louisville.

The video clip attracted sympathy from those who were afraid not only to laugh on social media, but also to succumb to mute errors and share embarrassing moments at virtual work meetings.

“Zoom invited us all to each other’s house,” tweeted Louisville poet Hannah Drake. “We’re in a pandemic. Many of us are at stake and our temper can burn. I hope they can’t be caught live. I call this Democrats and lawmakers. We are all there and thank you for being muted. “

The Legislative Research Committee immediately pulled a video of the committee’s meeting from YouTube. An LRC spokesman later told The Courier Journal that the video would be reposted later, adding that “as part of the normal protocol, we will remove audio interruptions that are not related to the content of the meeting.” rice field.

The conference archive video on the KET website has removed the part of the conference where you can hear the harper angel discussing with her husband.

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This article was originally published in the Louisville Courier Journal: Kentucky Senator has had a salty zoom accident at a committee meeting