The enemy can’t stop mocking Trump’s “Minimy” Mount Rushmore featuring his face


Twitter critics can’t stop laughing Donald TrumpVery cheap mini Mount Rushmore – When his A face has been added — sitting in his Marago office.

A fake Mount Rushmore sculpture with the president’s head engraved on it George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Teddy Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln —And Trump — was discovered by almost everyone in recently tweeted photos.

Bronze “Trumpmore” can be seen in the corner of the shot taken when Trump was awarded the Honorary Black Belt earlier this week — the same day he was acquitted. Kyle RittenhouseVisit the former president..

Trump was proud to be with the greats on Mount Rushmore for about a day before taking over the National Monument. For the campaign speech on July 3rd last year. He had before Called for fireworks in the midst of the fire season.. (Since 2009, there have been no fireworks due to environmental problems.)

“What’s burning? It’s a stone, you know, it’s a stone,” Trump said at the time. A stone surrounded by dry brushes and trees.

Despite the violent incident of COVID-19, masks and social distance were not needed at a highly controversial event with thousands of crowds.

A sculpture of the Mar-a-Lago office, deceived to resemble the White House’s Oval Office, was given to him by the South Dakota government. Kristi Noem Last year (though at that time she showed that it was much bigger).

South Dakota artist Lee Leuning, who created the talented bronze with SherriTreeby, Confirmed that the work belongs to The Daily Beast..

Trump said he saidCompletely jokingAbout joining the legendary president at Mount.However, the White House aide reportedly Contacted Nome’s office How the president joins others.

The gnome leaked in 2018, when Trump first shared a dream with her in the Oval Office. She thought he was joking, Argus Leader reported.

“Do you know that it’s my dream to turn to Mount Rushmore?” He allegedly asked Nome, who was still in Congress at the time and was running for governor.

“”I started laughing“She said. “He wasn’t laughing, so he was completely serious.”

When I saw Mount Rushmore’s dream live in a fake Florida Oval Office, it was too much for Twitter critics.

In the past, Trump has published a fake Time magazine covering announcing him as a man of the year at his golf resort.Time asked Trump Take them down..

The sad Mount Rushmore sculpture reminds me of one of the best scenes of the classic mockumentary rock movie “This Is Spinal Tap” when the band ordered a giant Stonehenge for a performance, but instead high. Turned out to be 18 inches.

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