The entrepreneur told police that he had been tortured for hours by a masked criminal trying to steal millions of dollars in his Bitcoin.

Twenty co-founder Zarin Denzel

Zarin Dentzel, co-founder of the Spanish social networking site Tuenti. Twenty

  • According to Spanish media, the entrepreneur told police that he had been tortured by a masked robber who targeted millions of his Bitcoins.

  • Zarin Dentzel, co-founder of the Spanish site Tuenti, was attacked at his Madrid home.

  • He was tied up, tied up, and gagged before the perpetrator escaped with his password.

According to Spanish media, entrepreneurs have claimed to police hours that they have been tortured by masked robbers who entered their homes in an attempt to steal millions of euros with Bitcoin.

American Zaryn Dentzel Twenty, A social network that was once praised as “Facebook of Spain”.

According to the report by El Espanol, Europapress, When El PaĆ­s Quoting all police sources this week, Denzel told police that four to five male gangsters attacked his apartment in Madrid, Spain, around 3 pm local time on Tuesday, October 9. Told.

He explained that the man covered the security cameras in Denzel’s apartment, tied him up, tied him up, gagged him, and sprayed something into his eyes. Later, a 38-year-old woman was forced to reveal the passwords for her bank account and electronic wallet, which holds “tens of millions of euros” worth of cryptocurrencies, according to El Espanol.

Denzel said the gang hit him and slashed him across his chest with a knife while shooting him multiple times with a taser gun.

The assault was reported to have occurred over four hours.

Aside from Denzel’s password, his perpetrators reportedly escaped using devices such as laptops, phones and USB drives.

According to El Espanol, police were warned of an attack from a neighbor who heard a cry for help from Denzel’s apartment. Nearby witnesses reportedly said they saw a group of masked men fleeing the street while clasping the bag.

According to El Pais, Policia Nacional in Madrid is leading the investigation and working to support Dentzel’s account. No arrests have been made yet. El Espanol, citing police sources, said the gang’s attempt to steal one of Denzel’s cryptocurrencies failed.

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