The estranged prince signs a letter pledged allegiance to King Abdullah of Jordan

File-In this April 2, 2001 file photo, King Abdullah II of Jordan is laughing with his half-brother, Prince Hamza, just before the monarch embarks on a tour of the United States. In a recording released on Monday, April 5, Prince Hamza opposes government threats to stay home and refrain from public statements after being accused of being behind plans to destabilize the kingdom. Said.  (AP Photo / YousefAllan, File)

King Abdullah II of Jordan left in 2001 with his half-brother Prince Hamzah bin Hussein. (Yousef Allan / Associated Press)

The former Crown Prince of Jordan said on Monday that he would be in the hands of Abdullah II and would gather behind him as a national leader. This is a reversal from his recent withered diabetes.

Jordan has been conspiring against the palace since the government announced that it had thwarted an external group and a “sinful plan” to destabilize the country involving former Crown Prince and Abdullah’s half-brother, Prince Hamzabin Hussein. I have been under threat.

Authorities arrested the prince at home and rounded up at least 16 associates, including other royal relatives and many officials.

In a statement issued by the court on Monday night and signed by the prince, Hamza said he would comply with the Kingdom’s constitution and confirmed his support for his half-brothers.

“National interests must be considered above all, and in his efforts to protect Jordan and its national interests, we all need to stand behind His Majesty the King,” the statement said. “In the light of the progress of the last two days, I will be in the hands of his majestic king.”

The handwritten statement “Prince Hassan, his Highness at my uncle’s house” ended with a poem from the Koran related to obeying “authoritative people among you.”

A few hours ago, Abdullah was tasked HassanThe paternal uncle of both royalty, according to a statement released by the palace, “confirmed his commitment to the approach” of the Hashimite family under Jordan rule, “addresses the problem” of Hamza. Four other princes, including Hamza’s brother Hashem, joined Hassan in a mediation effort.

The word of reconciliation came in counterpoint Prince’s fiery rhetoric from Saturday, When he accused his half-brother in two leaked videos for a country “suffering from corruption, nepotism, and injustice.”

“I’m not responsible for the collapse of governance, corruption, and the incompetence that has pervaded the governance structure over the last 15-20 years and is getting worse year by year,” he said. ..

“I am not responsible for the lack of faith that people have in their institutions. They are responsible,” he said, in a diagonal reference to the king and his government.

He added that, contrary to what his whistleblowers alleged, he was not involved in any foreign conspiracy and instead spoke of corruption and the inability to challenge. ..

Hamza leaked videos through a lawyer, who handed them over to the BBC. The prince spoke in English and Arabic, saying that after Maj. Gen. Youssef Funati, Chief of Staff of the Army, visited his home, most communications were cut off and armed guards withdrew. An activity that was adopted to aim for the safety and stability of Jordan. “

In a voice message published on social media on Monday and recorded after a visit by the Army Chief of Staff two days ago, the prince says Funati threatened him, but he would oppose his injunction. The voice of the recording matches the voice of the prince.

“I’m waiting to see what they do right now. I don’t want to mobilize because I don’t want to escalate right now, but I can’t go out, I can’t tweet, I can’t communicate with people, You are only allowed to meet your family, “Hamza says in the recording.

“I don’t think this is acceptable because the Chief of Staff says these words.”

on Sunday, Jordan Foreign Minister Aiman ​​Saffadi The prince said he was at the center of a plan to destabilize the kingdom. Abdullah’s former best friend, Basem Awadara, who played several high-ranking roles in the government, was also accused. And Sharif Hassan bin Zayed, a relative of the royal family who took over Awadara as a special envoy to Saudi Arabia.

Saffadi did not provide details about the plot, but said it involved foreign entities and members of Jordanian opposition abroad. The investigation was underway, he said. There was no mention of the word “coup”.

The royal Fraca has overturned the stability Jordan has long advertised as an achievement in difficult regions of the world. For decades, the kingdom, which is mostly desert and has few resources to sustain 10 million people, has relied on its strategic location and large allies. This includes the United States, which counts Jordan as one of the region’s top anti-terrorism partners. Jordan borders Israel, the West Bank, Syria, Iraq and Saudi Arabia.

Washington quickly supported Abdullah, adding that voice among the regional nations in support of all the moves the monarch took to maintain the stability and security of Jordan.

Before his death in 1999, King Hussein, the father of both Abdullah and Hamza, appointed the former as a monarch and the latter as a crown prince.

At that time, Hussein’s move was considered wise. Abdullah was able to survive the recent divisions of the country, and Hamza, much like his father, maintained a relationship with the tribal leaders, the power base of the monarchy.

But Abdullah removed Hamza from his role in 2004 and handed it over to his own son, named Hussein.

The dissatisfied public broadcast surprised Jordanians unfamiliar with the royal dramas seen in neighboring countries. Bethma Momani, a professor of international affairs at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, said the fight had done some damage to the image of monarchy, although things got worse.

“They created an internal department within the country,” she said, referring to two members of the royal family. “If they could manage this quietly, they would have provided better service to everyone.”

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