The EU hopes that new rules will be agreed within next year to curb foreign buyers with state support.

European Union antitrust officials are hoping that a draft rule aimed at curbing state-sponsored foreign buyers will be agreed by the end of next year, she said Thursday. It was.

The rule aims to prevent companies that benefit from distorting foreign subsidies from taking over EU companies or participating in open bids, with a particular focus on avoiding unfair competition with China. It is said.

“I’m looking forward to it next year,” said European Commission Vice-Chairman Marguerite Vestager, answering a question about when the draft rule presented on Wednesday will come into effect.

Measures need to be agreed by EU member states and Brock’s parliament, and both foreign governments and businesses are expected to lobby to weaken them.

According to Vestagger, planning large-scale acquisitions and preparing open bids usually takes time, so the risk of companies and countries using the time frame for draft rules to come into force is manageable.

“There are risks, but we need to deal with them,” said Vestager.

By Sabine Siebold