The family calls the death of a black man a modern lynch on a trip with a former colleague

A relative of a black man who was fatally shot on a camping trip in the countryside of Pennsylvania last month called his death “lynching” and complained that some people were detained but not arrested or charged. Was expressed.

Peter Bernard Spencer.  (Via WPXI)

Peter Bernard Spencer. (Via WPXI)

Pittsburgh man Peter Bernard Spencer, 29, was shot multiple times at his Rockland Township residence on December 12. Pennsylvania Police Said this month. “The four people who were present at the time of the shooting were cross-examined and released after consulting with the Venango County District Attorney,” police said in a statement.

Authorities also urged patience as investigators await ballistics data and toxicology and laboratory test results.

Venango County District Attorney Shaun White said Tuesday that his office had to conduct a thorough investigation, admitting that his family was seeking information.

He said the report will be completed and submitted within 4-6 weeks. “Once we receive these reports, the district attorney will review all available information before making a claim,” the DA office said in a statement.

Spencer’s loved ones, including his brother Tehira and his fiancĂ© Carmela King, have expressed frustration.

“He is the only black man in the campsite and is portrayed as an invader,” King wrote in his GoFundMe account. Tehira Spencer said his brother was “killed by cold blood!” During a hate crime at “MODERN DAYLY NCHING” in another GoFundMe account.

State police refused to provide additional information on Tuesday.

A deadly shooting occurred around 2:30 am, “multiple firearms, ballistic evidence, and regulatory material were confiscated from the scene,” police said. Statement above December 29.. Police said the ministry’s Legacy Division was notified of the crimes of hatred and prejudice...

Spencer, an immigrant from Jamaica, was involved in construction and contracts, said family lawyer Paul Jubas.

Spencer was invited by a former colleague and was the only black man on a camping trip, Jubas said.

“This was what they did from time to time. They went out into the woods together and shot guns … drinking beer and having a good time,” he said.

The county coroner has not released evidence to the Spencer family’s private coroners, Jubas said.

The family wants to disclose information to Dr. Cyril Wect, who investigated prominent cases, including the murders of President John F. Kennedy, Elvis Presley, and John Bene.

“We only receive unacceptable answers that don’t make sense,” Jubas said. “And they are now disturbing us. They are preventing us from letting our coroner, the best coroner in the country, do his job. There is no reason.”

Wect looked at Spencer’s body, but only a few photos from the preservatives, and nothing from the coroner, Jubas said. Before reaching a conclusion, he needed an autopsy photo, Jubas said.

Most of the wounds appeared to be on Spencer’s back, Jubas said.

“He was shot nine times. He received the word from both law enforcement and a coroner in Venango County,” Jubas said.

Venango County coroner Christina Ruff did not respond to multiple requests for comment on Tuesday.

Spencer’s mother, Isilda Spencer Hunter, said a systematic investigation was trying to keep her from being annoyed.

“I’m just taking a walk and trying to find out how the system works. He needs to get justice. He needs to get justice.”

The Spencer family said NBC series WPXI He often feeds the homeless and plays basketball with the kids in his neighborhood in Pittsburgh. His mother said he would never hang up “without saying’I love you'”.

Tehira Spencer wants an answer to his brother’s death.

“I just want to know why. That’s all I want to know at this point,” he said.