The family found living with a weapon at the Nevada Children’s Museum


Carson City, Nevada (AP) — A Nevada couple was found at the Children’s Museum in northern Nevada, secretly storing weapons cash and living with two children, officials said.

The caretaker of the Northern Nevada Children’s Museum was arrested late last week on KRNV-TV in Reno. report Friday. A 41-year-old man was charged with neglect and danger of his child, and possession of a suppressor and a short-barreled rifle.

Authorities found an arsenal in the storage room, they said. Police reports included an AK-47 rifle, three pistols, a pistol, ammunition, a knife, and a taser that the child might have reached. The stash also contained drug-related equipment such as bons and used marijuana joints.

According to the Carson City Sheriff’s Office, authorities noticed that the family lived in a museum after a two-year-old male child was found walking nearby without supervision. This was not the first time police had spoken to a man over his child being left alone. But this time, the toddler’s sister gave her agent the address of the museum.

Authorities walked the property with members of the museum’s board and saw signs that people lived there. According to the sheriff’s office, sleeping bags, mattresses, clothing and food were one of those found in areas where visitors were off limits.

The wife of the caretaker, the manager of the museum, also lived there, the investigator said. But they didn’t identify her and didn’t say if she would be accused of any kind.

After that, the couple were fired and the museum was closed.

The museum board is faced with questions about how this happened. The group announced an apology, stating that they were “shocked and sad.”

“We are not only ensuring the safety of all our visitors, but we are also looking for the best way to resume in a way that we can be proud of as a community,” they said in a statement. I did.

The museum will be reopened after hiring a new manager. But that’s not enough for some parents.

Leah Tsuchimoto, who works at a nearby hotel, told the TV station that she would never take her child. She said the whole trial was a “total shock.”