The family of a woman killed in Henry Ruggs mourns when harsh details are revealed

The loved ones of a 23-year-old Las Vegas woman have remained emotionally paralyzed since a drunken professional soccer player was struck behind a car and killed.

Tina Tinter died in a severe accident at the beginning of Tuesday Now-Former Las Vegas Raiders Wide Receiver Henry Lux III, Spent her last time hanging out with her dog and friends in a park near the victim’s grandmother’s house, said 25-year-old brother Djordje Tintor.

The sad brother said his parents were devastated and struggling to put it together in the wake of the unexpected and violent death of their only daughter.

“I’ll be fine, I can manage, but they’re not good, that’s what I’m worried about,” Tinter told his parents’ NBC news Wednesday. “Sometimes I can’t even see them, it just breaks my heart.”

The victim, who died with her dog, recently started a home-based customer service job at an insurance company in hopes of a computer programming career, her brothers said.

Ruggs was arrested and booked on suspicion of drunk driving, resulting in death, serious injury and reckless driving. Connecting to the crash at 3:39 am on Tuesday Near South Rainbow Boulevard and Spring Valley Parkway.

A social media post by Ruggs and girlfriend Kiara Je’nai Kilgo-Washington showed a pair enjoy At a driving range in Las Vegas hours before a fatal accident. The Raiders are off last weekend and the next match will be on Sunday at the New York Giants.

Witnesses in the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police report painted a horrifying picture of the crash scene and Tinter’s desperate battle to survive shortly after Rag’s Corvette exploded behind the Toyota Rav4 at 127 mph.

Rug I was traveling at 156 mph Just 2.5 seconds ago, a shock to Toyota’s petrol tank burned the vehicle.

Detective Dwaine McCuistion of LVMPD reported that Alexander Hart, a security guard at a nearby condominium, said, “I heard a scream from the Toyota area and went there to provide help.”

“He tried to pull out the driver, but was soon defeated by the smoke and heat from the flames,” Macuition wrote.

Driver Tony Rodriguez told police he was in the Spring Valley Parkway when he pulled into Tinter’s burning car.

“Mr. Rodriguez said he tried to pull out a Toyota driver when Toyota was on fire,” said McCustion’s report.

“He grabbed the driver and tried to pull him out of the car, but she said she was stuck or pinned in the car. Rodriguez then had to overcome the smoke and heat from the fire and leave the car. I explained that it wasn’t. “

Image: Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver Henry Rag III appears in court following a deadly drunk driving crash (Steve Marcus / Getty Images Pool)

Image: Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver Henry Rag III appears in court following a deadly drunk driving crash (Steve Marcus / Getty Images Pool)

Ruggs paid $ 150,000 on bail and was ordered to return to court this Wednesday.

After Ragus first appeared on Wednesday, defense lawyer David Chesnov urged the public to suspend the sentence until all investigations were completed. He refused to comment on the client’s speedometer, which allegedly reached 156 mph.

“We will investigate the case and will rule it in court,” Chesnov told reporters. “This is America, he has the right to spend his day in court.”

Raiders After moving from Auckland, I cut Ruggs, who played only for the second season in Las Vegas.