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The secret of Frogmore Garden is revealed: a seat for the Queen and a water bowl for the Korgis

For most people, a moment of rest on the bench after a stroll through the stately gardens is a welcome reward – and the Queen is no exception. Her Majesty’s garden staff would “strategicly place seats” if Her Majesty wanted to stop for a moment and admire the surrounding plants and wildlife, her chief gardener said. The 35-acre Frogmore Gardens, sometimes referred to as the royal “secret bolt holes,” are located in Windsor’s home park, near Windsor Castle, where the Queen and Prince Edinburgh spent most of their time. Locked down last year. The garden is rarely open to the public, with annual weekends in the spring and summer months, but Frogmore Gardener Neil Dodds gives his own insight into the entrance and exit of the estate. This includes three bowls being regularly filled with water for His Majesty’s Corgi on the premises. In a conversation with garden keeper Jon Anderson as part of an online event for the National Garden Plan, Dodds said: A bowl of dogs that needs to be filled regularly. There are also strategically arranged seats in case your Majesty wants to sit for a while. Last month, a few days after Prince Phillip’s funeral, the Queen, who turned 95, took her two puppies to join the rest of the Dorgis (Corgi and Dachshund’s cross) called Kandy. The first is said to be named after his uncle Fergus Bose Lyon, who is also a dorgi, and the second is believed to be a purebred corgi named after Loch Muick at Balmoral Estate.

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