The family says they were “secretly” sent to a mental hospital, an activist imprisoned in Vietnam.

Nguyen Thuy Han, a Vietnamese human rights defender who was arrested for spreading information against the state, was taken to a mental hospital without his family’s knowledge, his husband claimed on Facebook. Position on Monday.

Han was arrested on April 7, 2021 for “creating, preserving, or disseminating information, materials, or items to oppose the Socialist Republic of Vietnam” without contacting lawyers and their families. ..

Activists are known to have created the 50,000 Fund in 2017, raising funds for the families of those who have been unfairly detained throughout the Communist Party-controlled nations.

Her husband, Huynh Ngoc Chenh, claimed that Han’s health appeared to be kept secret by the authorities, as her family had not yet received information about her health.

According to a post on Chen’s Facebook, at least four patients in Hanoi’s Central Mental Hospital No. 1 contacted Chen to inform him that Han had been admitted to a mental hospital, and the hospital contact confirmed the information.

Han was diagnosed with “severe depression” before his arrest and was treated at the France-Vietnam International Hospital in Saigon, but since then her condition has improved, Chen. Said Radio Free Asia.

“Thanks to this specialist, her health has improved significantly, but since she was arrested in April 2021, there is no information about her health,” Han said. Claimed to have been sent for a monthly mental health assessment.

Chen also claimed that authorities prevented Han’s defense counsel from meeting her.

“Investigative agencies have stated that in cases related to national security, lawyers are not allowed to meet customers until the investigation is complete,” he added.

According to Amnesty International, Han previously ran for an independent candidate in Hanoi in the 2016 National Assembly elections. She also had her bank account frozen, including money to support the family of village leaders who were killed by security forces in Dong Tam village.

“It is a tragedy that Nguyen Tui Han is targeted for her humanitarian efforts to support unjustly detained prisoners. She should be blessed and endorsed for this work. Should not be punished, “Amnesty International said. statement..

Lawyer Light Watch Canada (LRWC) I have written In July 2021, he called on the Vietnamese government to release Han immediately and urged Vietnamese authorities to stop harassing human rights defenders, journalists and political activists.

The LRWC said it had received several reports showing that Han was “repeatedly targeted by Vietnamese authorities for harassment, arbitrary detention, and assault.”

“The LRWC is a citizen of Vietnam regarding the exercise of its right to freedom of speech and association in violation of Vietnam’s international legal obligations under the International Convention on Civil and Political Rights, which Vietnam joined in 1982. He expressed serious concern about his persecution. ” Said.

Aldograph Redley


Aldgra Fredly is a Malaysia-based freelance writer featuring the Epoch Times Asia Pacific News.