The family was “beaten” after beating a 70-year-old man outside his California home

A 70-year-old man in California was beaten and killed outside his home. His family suffered the tragedy that the family was “beaten”.

Anaheim police said Rahmatolah “David” YaghoubiThe 70-year-old was attacked outside his home at the intersection of Catalpa Avenue and Falmouth Avenue on Monday afternoon. Yaghoubi suffered a “severe head injury” and was taken to a local hospital, but died from the injury.

According to police, David Stephen Abbott, 30, has been arrested and detained in Anaheim Prison on bail of $ 2 million. Abbott has also been accused of assaulting a 60-year-old man 20 minutes before he fled the scene and assaulted Yaghobi.

“I can’t believe he came out of nowhere and did this.” Yaguhobi’s younger brotherJohn Yaghobi told KTLA. “Our entire life is shattered into pieces. My entire family is about to collapse.”

Rahmatolah “David” Yaghoubi Lived in the neighborhood Orange County Register has worked for Caltrans for over 17 years as a private sector and environmental engineer for about 30 years.

According to the publication, Mr. Caltrans said, “He is a kind and kind person and always spares no effort.” “We are hurt, sad, angry, but also happy. Meet David. I’m happy to have the opportunity. “

Jahangir Yaghoubi, one of Rahmatolah “David” Yaghoubi’s seven siblings, told the magazine that her 70-year-old visited her 90-year-old mother multiple times a day to see what she was doing. ..

“She is crying. I know something has happened,” said Jahangir Yaghobi.

Rahmatolah “David” Yaghoubi’s neighbor He described the man as “very sweet.” CBS Los Angeles reported.

“He was my friend and a very kind elderly gentleman,” male neighbor Dani Harrower told the station. “He always greets me when he is walking with his dog and kid. He always gave me figs from the fig tree. “

At the time of the attack, police said Abbott had been on bail since his arrest on May 15 after being charged with assault by a weapon.

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