The father, who died in Covid, regrets not being able to vaccinate with a heartbreaking text.

Christian Cabrera, 40, regretted not being vaccinated because he died of Covid-19 (KTLA).

Christian Cabrera, 40, regretted not being vaccinated because he died of Covid-19 (KTLA).

Just before death COVID-19,Father of Los Angeles He sent a text message to his family to express his regret for not being vaccinated.

Christian Cabrera, 40, tested positive for the coronavirus around Christmas. Shortly thereafter, he was in an emergency room with pneumonia in both lungs.

“I can’t breathe again,” he sent a text message to his brother. KTLA.. “I really regret not being vaccinated. If I can start over, I’ll do it with a heartbeat to save my life. I’m fighting for my life here. [had] I was vaccinated. “

Mr. Cabrera died on January 22nd.His family shared tragic news GoFundMe Collecting money for his 3-year-old son, Noel.

“It’s very sad to announce that our beloved brother, Christian Cabrera … lost the fight against Covid Pneumonia and died tonight,” Cabrera’s brother, Gino Cabrera, wrote in a fundraiser. .. “He was so affectionate, kind, generous, caring with a beautiful heart and soul, so he touched the lives of many.”

Even before Mr Cabrera died, his brother said he was worried that he would not survive.

“He keeps saying,’Take care of your son,'” Gino told KTLA last Thursday. “He knows he may not accomplish it. He may die there.”

Covid cases in Los Angeles are now declining from their peak in the Omicron era, but are still very high. As of January 24, the city is on average Almost 33,000 New infections per day. And on January 20, just two days before Cabrera died, LA The county reported 102 viral deaths in one day. This is the highest number in a year.

As in other parts of the country, the worst results were among unvaccinated people. According to LA Department of Public HealthUnvaccinated LA residents are 6 times more likely to enter the ICU than fully vaccinated people and 25 times more likely than fully vaccinated people who have also been boosted.

“Because we are once again witnessing the complete misery caused by COVID, our hearts are directed at everyone who is mourning the loss of their loved ones,” said Barbara, director of public health at the city. Dr. Feller said last week. “Don’t fool yourself by not being aware of the dangers posed by Omicron variants that can spread at lightning speed and cause serious illness to the most vulnerable populations.”