The FBI found significant evidence on a $ 325 million superyacht seized in Fiji and accused Oligarch owner Suleyman Kerimov, the report said.


Yacht Amadea; Russian oligarch, Suleyman Kerimov

The United States has demanded the seizure of Suleyman Kerimov’s $ 325 million superyacht.Ottoman Uras / Anadolu Agency via Getty Images, Mikhail Svetlov / Getty Images

  • The FBI has found evidence that Suleyman Kerimov is involved in US crime.

  • Authorities found the document on Thursday when they boarded a superyacht, according to Australia’s ABC News.

  • Amadea was confiscated by Fijian law enforcement agencies on Thursday at the request of US authorities.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has found evidence accusing owners of superyachts seized by Fijian authorities on Thursday, the report said.

ABC News in Australia First I reported the story.

The United States has demanded the seizure of Suleyman Kerimov’s $ 325 million superyacht. This was achieved in collaboration with the FBI and Fijian law enforcement agencies.

According to the statement The Justice Department issued a seizure warrant with evidence that the vessel “Amadea” was confiscated on the basis of “presumed causes” of US law violations, money laundering, and conspiracy.

The Justice Ministry reported that court documents showed that Kerimov owned the ship after Kerimov was appointed as a senior Russian government official.

350ft superyacht Previously reported Heading to Fiji’s harbor in Nadi, it is now in Lautoka, Fiji. Its owner, Kerimov, is Russia’s ninth wealthiest person and is believed to have a fortune of approximately $ 14.5 billion. Forbes..He is in the US, EU, and UK that’s all Suspicion of money laundering And his relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Kerimov Between individuals Person authorized to be part of The end of Vladimir Putin Circle. Oligarch West and its assets Seized, frozen, or detained.

The U.S. Department of Justice said in a statement Thursday that Kerimov and those who acted on his behalf “routed US dollar transactions to U.S. financial institutions to support and maintain Amadea,” according to court documents. ..

Insiders previously reported it Maintenance costs It can be up to 15% of the value of a superyacht.A ship Not properly maintained cMay cause Environment issues..

Attorney General Merrick B. Garland said in a statement, “This ruling needs to make it clear that there is no hiding place for personal property that violates US law. It also enables the Russian regime. There is no hiding place for criminal assets. “”

“The Ministry of Justice will relentlessly work on our efforts to hold the people we witness in Ukraine responsible for the death and destruction.”

Western sanctions prompted seizures Superyachts, mansions, private jets It is linked to some of Russia’s wealthiest people. Some have tried to avoid sanctions by moving assets to friendly jurisdictions.

Deputy Attorney General Lisa O. Monaco said: Injustice war in Ukraine. “

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