The FBI has attacked the home of a Colorado election official accused of leaking data posted on the QAnon forum.


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  • According to local media, the FBI attacked the home of Colorado electoral official Tina Peters.

  • Peters has been accused of leaking election machine data displayed on the QAnon Telegram channel.

  • In an interview, she claimed she was a victim of government persecution.

The FBI on Tuesday raided the homes of Colorado election officials accused of leaking election machine data that later appeared in connection with the QAnon conspiracy movement.

The Mesa County District Attorney’s Office told local media that federal, state, and local law enforcement officials were involved in the search for the home of former Mesa County Secretary Tina Peters and three of her associates. ..

“We today carried out four federal court-approved tasks to collect evidence related to the Mesa County Secretary and Recording Bureau’s investigation,” said District Attorney Dan Rubinstein. .. He told Colorado politics. “We did this with the support of the DA office of the 21st Jurisdiction, the Attorney General’s office, and the FBI.”

The FBI did not immediately respond to insider comment requests.

FBI spokeswoman Told the insider In August, the department’s Denver field office was working with a lawyer in the Mesa County district to investigate an obvious leak.

Judges banned Peters from overseeing state elections last month after Colorado Democratic Secretary Jena Griswold accused her of being involved in a leak of confidential election data. Colorado CPR News Outlet Reported..

According to Griswold’s proceedings, the data was obtained last year when Peters invited an unauthorized person to a meeting between representatives of an election machinery company and county election officials.

According to the proceedings, this information was subsequently released on Ron Watkins’ telegram channel, which allegedly launched the QAnon movement.

Peters appeared to be sympathetic to the election conspiracy theory. In August, she starred in the “Cyber ​​Symposium” on fraudulent voting hosted by CEO My Pillow and Trump-backed conspiracy theorist Mike Lindell.

QAnon conspiracy theorists played a key role in driving the false allegations that the 2020 elections were stolen from Trump as a result of a large-scale fraud involving the operation of voting machines.

In an interview on Tuesday about Lindel’s online television show, Peters said the attack “frightened” her and claimed she was a victim of government persecution.

“They want to do whatever they can to maliciously demonize me just to silence me, keep me out, prosecute me, and hide their dirty deeds,” she said. “I can’t see what I saw.”

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