The FBI has identified the “Swedish scarf”, the most sought after parliamentary mob

Man known as

Man known as

The FBI has identified one of the most sought after perpetrators of the Capitol riots on January 6. The man played a leading role after assaulting a building wearing a limited edition scarf in a Swedish city.

The man is called a “Swedish scarf” Online investigator in the “Incitement Hunter” community A person who has identified the participants of the January 6th riot.The unique scarf was one of less than 1,000 Given the In 2017, a former inhabitant of the town of Skellefteå in Sweden, and the mystery of the man’s identity attracted international attention.

His name has not yet been announced, but he is part of the indictment against Danny Rodriguez -Trump fanatics Electric shocked policeman Mike Fanone -And to Trump supporter Ed Badarian, who was arrested earlier this month through “Trump Ed” ​​online.

The indictment does not make a clear reference to the “Swedish scarf”, but a careful reading of the document reveals that he is the suspect in question. The indictment tracks some of the actions taken by the Swedish scarf on January 6 by online investigators.

“Free or dead, gentleman!” The federal government says the man told police when they tried to push the mob out of the tunnel area. “Hold the line!” He reportedly told them when other mobs were fighting. “Don’t surrender! Fight for Trump!” He is said to have said. “Go ahead, Patriot! If you’re going to die, it’s best at Capitol Hill!”

The indictment was that a man known as a Swedish scarf “leads the mob out of the first room they entered” and “accesses a third office” by kicking the door and forcibly attempting to enter. He supported the riots he was trying to do. ” The federal government states that the Swedish scarf and Rodriguez “opened the bag in the office, ran around the documents on the desk, and then removed the escape hood from the bag,” as shown in the footage. A Swedish scarf said, “When he left, he carried two emergency escape hoods from the building.”

Before participating in the riot, a man known as a Swedish scarf said he sent a text message to his companions, “On the steps of the Capitol, it disappeared, people broke barriers and the fight began.” It has been.

Badarian was identified by an online detective in early January, about a week after the Capitol attack. He was wearing an Armenian playing card hat on January 6th and was a member of Telegram’s “PATRIOT 45 MAGAGang” chat with Rodriguez. In a pre-riot message, the indictment stated that “the traitors need to be violently eliminated, and if they are in a critical position, they will be quickly replaced with competent physical patriots.” I am saying. He was conditionally released until trial.

According to the federal government, Badarian called on Infowars’ Warroom show under the pseudonym “Turbo” on January 8, and a woman called “PERSONONE” in the indictment shortly after calling him “Ed.” .. “PERSON ONE” is Gina Visignano, the salon owner of Beverly Hills, who attacked the Capitol on January 6th and is cooperating with the federal government.

According to the indictment, Rodriguez, Badarian and the Swedish scarf visited Visignano’s house on January 10, and the Swedish scarf unplugged Visignano’s Alexa device and “showed by miming that she wouldn’t speak loudly.” rice field”. He wrote in his notebook, “Help me remove everything and transfer the files to a safe hard drive,” and then appeared at her house, “going to the best buy with him and buying a hard drive.” I asked. According to the indictment, she will download all of her January 6 photos and videos. She didn’t get a hard drive and was immediately arrested by the FBI.

Gina Visignano at Parliament Building on January 6 (Photo: US Law Firm)

Gina Visignano at Parliament Building on January 6 (Photo: US Law Firm)

Rodriguez-arrested in March, a month after he was Specific in the HuffPost story As a perpetrator of Fanone officer, he did not tell the Federal Bureau of Investigation the identity of the Swedish scarf during an interview with the FBI, but said he was from the LA area and Rodriguez acknowledged him from another right-wing rally.

“He doesn’t have a Swedish accent,” Rodriguez said. Said The FBI after he was arrested in March. But he said a Swedish scarf visited Airbnb, where many Capitol riots, including Badarians, were staying.

The indictment also said that Rodriguez would “assassinate Joe Biden” if he had a chance, “I want to die rather than lie under the Biden administration,” and shocked Fanone, as he did in an FBI interview. I confirmed that I gave it.

Man known as

Man known as

“Oh, I ran away with so much shit,” he wrote in the PATRIOTS 45 group chat. “Tazzzzed sudden sexual intercourse.”

Rodriguez, unlike Badarian, is on hold until trial.His federal lawyer is working to get him Threw a confession, And there is another inquiry scheduled for December 9th.

The FBI has arrested more than 650 people in connection with the January 6 riots. This is just over a quarter of the total number of people engaged in guilty criminal activity that day (that is, either in or out of the Capitol). ). The FBI’s website lists more than 350 members of the Protrump mob who wanted violent crimes on January 6, of which more than 250 want to be assaulted by law enforcement agencies.

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