The federal government introduces a bill that spends up to $ 2.5 billion on rapid testing of the state

Ottawa — The federal government introduced a law on Monday to continue to provide states and territories with as many rapid tests as possible.

Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos submitted a bill at the House of Commons on the first day of the MP after a six-week break.

The bill empowers Health Canada to purchase and distribute up to $ 2.5 billion worth of COVID-19 rapid tests nationwide, according to a statement from the ministry.

“COVID-19 remains a global threat and is caused by highly contagious variants of Omicron, so the demand for rapid testing is increasing worldwide,” Duclos said in a statement. He added that inspections are an important part of the government’s strategy to keep Canadians safe. ..

Liberal House leader Mark Holland said at a press conference on Monday that Bill C-10 would accelerate funding and prompt testing.

He said through Bill C-10 to ensure that the quick test parts of Bill C-8, which was created to carry out aspects of the government’s fall economic and fiscal renewal, could be separated and passed more quickly. He said it was submitted separately.

“This is to provide quick testing from financial and economic renewals and to incorporate provisions to accelerate them due to their great needs, and we need to make sure they exist. “The Netherlands said.

The Netherlands urged opposition parties to help the government adopt the bill as quickly as possible.

Along Erica Ibrahim

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