The federal government says husbands and wives illegally smuggled US workers into Camp Rejeune


On Sunday, May, a boat was lifted to a dock at a marine base in North Carolina, dropping three people who learned that gendarmerie had later illegally entered the country.

Now the couple are facing a prison.

Timothy Scott Belcher (56) and Georgina Belcher (63) Pleaded guilty on Tuesday A prosecutor in the eastern part of North Carolina said he was charged with illegally transporting workers in the United States. Belchers have been accused of smuggling workers to Camp Rejeune on a motorboat.

The prosecution said he was taken to the dock to avoid verifying his identity at the base gate.

According to a news release, the worker was hired by George Nabelcher at her drywall company contracted by the US military. They were picked up in the nearby Jacksonville city of Onslow County on the New River and landed a few miles down the river at the Wilson Boat Dock.

“Georgina hired (people) to exist illegally in the United States, so she asked Timothy to put them on his boat (smuggling) and put them on the base,” the government said.

Civilians reportedly saw the boat pulled up on May 2 with workers boarding a waiting Jeep Cherokee owned by Georgia Belcher. The prosecution said the gendarmerie had caught up with them shortly thereafter.

According to the U.S. Federal Prosecutor’s Office, Belchers smuggled workers to the base and allowed Georgina Belcher’s company to pay $ 100 to $ 150 a day to install drywall.

According to prosecutors, the couple are facing up to five years in prison, a $ 250,000 fine, and three years of release under surveillance.

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