The Federal Reserve Board said a Missouri man had a broken heart and tried to buy chemical weapons on the dark web.

A Missouri man accused of trying to buy a chemical weapon that could kill hundreds of people will be put in jail, officials said.

Jason Shisa, a 46-year-old man from Colombia, said last year chemical weapons Theft of personal information has worsened. He was sentenced to 12 years in prison on Tuesday.

In July 2018, secret investigators were watching Caesar pay Bitcoin to a chemical weapons seller on the dark web, according to court documents. The exact chemical weapon is not disclosed by the authorities, but is described as “a single drop can produce a life-threatening systemic effect” and “a highly toxic liquid.”

According to officials, Caesar ordered an amount that could kill hundreds of people using the child’s name.

“I plan to use it as soon as I receive it,” Siesser told the seller, according to court documents. “I’m not really worried. Feel free to take care to provide tips and advice.”

According to court documents, when the package arrived at his home in Colombia, authorities saw Caesar sign the delivery and opened the front door to ventilate the residence. Then they executed an investigation warrant.

Internally, authorities have found a package that contains the toxic compounds cadmium arsenate, metal cadmium, and hydrochloric acid, next to a package that contains the “inactive substance.”

They also found a poem that reverberates about farewell and “the desire for the one who killed the heartache,” officials say.

In an interview, Shisa said she was depressed because she divorced her wife a year ago and the woman she had been with for three days broke up with him, officials said.

“Shisa wrote a fictional story about a man who forced his ex-girlfriend to take revenge,” a court document said. “In one story, a man used a fertilizer spreader to string asbestos into a woman’s yard, which eventually killed her decades later. In another, a man scuba geared a woman. I locked it in a box that was submerged in the water so that the woman would die when the oxygen bomb was exhausted. “

Caesar said he ordered chemicals for experiments related to “biohacking,” a form of gene editing by protein manipulation.

However, his home had no other experimental equipment, and Siesser was neither trained nor educated in chemistry, officials say.

He was hired in a group home for children contracted with Missouri at the time of the investigation, officials said.

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