The fiancée of a man convicted of the murder of Amado Arbury tried to call him as a hero in a failed GoFundMe campaign before he was finally shut down.


GoFundMe recently ended a campaign to raise money for William “Roddie” Bryan, one of the men convicted of murder last month. Armor berryAfter saying that the funding campaign violated the company’s terms prohibiting raising funds for the legal defense of violent crimes.

A commercial crowdfunding platform told Savannah Morning News that They shut down the latest fundraiser created for Brian — a total of three were created — the latest set was $ 300,000, but by the time it was closed, there was only $ 700 in donations.

Brian’s fiancé Amy Elrod reportedly created the campaign for the convicted man facing financial problems and unable to pay defense spending. “Rody had no weapons that day, only his cell phone. Without it, no one would have known what happened that day,” he said in a statement to the campaign.

GoFundMe has stopped the campaign for William Bryan (left), one of the three men convicted of murder for the murder of Ahmaud Arbery (right).  (Photo: Glynn County Sheriff's Office / Facebook)

GoFundMe has stopped the campaign for William Bryan (left), one of the three men convicted of murder for the murder of Ahmaud Arbery (right). (Photo: Glynn County Sheriff’s Office / Facebook)

“He handed it over to the police on the scene and cooperated fully with the entire investigation. Anyway, please help #FreeRoddie #IStandWithRoddie as much as possible.”

According to GoFundMe ClauseUsing this platform, updated last September, “Law of crimes related to hate, violence, harassment, bullying, discrimination, terrorism, or intolerance of all kinds related to race, ethnicity, or country of origin. It is not possible to raise funds for protection. “

Brian’s lawyer, Kevin Goff, also shared a link on his Facebook account prior to its removal, but he said the money wasn’t for him. Gough later blew up the organization to delete the account.

“GoFundMe’s shame for canceling Lodi’s fundraiser because of his complaint,” Gough wrote on Facebook. “Rodi Brian’s friends and family set up a new account online with Spotfund to fund what is likely to be a significant legal cost associated with his case. Money is my. Not for. Not for Penny. Be generous. “

Brian and his father and son duo, Gregory McMichael and Travis McMichael Convicted Of murder. They chased Arbury in February 2020 and later shot him to death while jogging in a parcel near the Georgian coastal town of Brunswick.

All three men were charged with one malicious murder, four felony murders, two weighted assaults, one imprisonment and one attempted felony. All parties are expected to appeal the verdict.

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