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Billionaire “Egomaniac” Undermines Australia’s Vaccine Efforts

Daily Beast / Photo courtesy of: Stefan Postles / Getty In recent months, Australia has been far more weathered than the United States, reporting less than 30,000 cases and 1,000 deaths, vaccination of citizens. I’m having a hard time inoculating and fighting a lot of signs. -Glitch, disruption of shipments and catastrophic floods have forced more than 40,000 people to evacuate their homes. In a tense development, the country had to fight another kind of hurdle. An “Olympic-scale narcissist,” his political ambitions, vast resources, and misunderstandings of science have led to aggressive campaigns that undermine public confidence in Shot. Australian mining mogul Clive Palmer, worth an estimated $ 3.8 billion, has spread anti-vaxx leaflets over the past few weeks, misrepresenting COVID-19 vaccines on his home continent and major nats, according to Forbes. I have been boosting. “About six weeks ago, we started seeing Clive Palmer advertising in Western Australia’s leading newspaper, Western Australia,” a local newspaper owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation. Parliamentarian Patrick Gorman Palmer’s anti-vaxx efforts, which he has publicly criticized, told The Daily Beast. “”[These were] Cover ads, full pages, open letters, and vaccine effectiveness are generally questioned, but will cost more than $ 20,000 a day. Palmer, the man who tried to make an exact replica of what was once Titanic, called “Titanic 2”, has a reputation in Australia as an adversary to the movie’s villains just to abandon the ship before its virgin voyage. .. In August, after a businessman filed a lawsuit against the Western Australian government over a mining contract, a newspaper sent his head to Dr. Eble of Austin Powers in Photoshop and posted it under the headline “$ 30 BIIIIILLION.” This is a reference to both catchphrases of the character. The amount Palmer requested for damages. The next day they did it again. This time, Palmer’s head was on a cane toad. The heading says “PEST”. Their message may not have arrived. On Sunday, a former parliamentarian shared a flyer graphic on his Facebook page. The heading “COVID-19 Vaccine Concerns” and the yellow document on the caution tape addressed to “Australian Men and Women” show Palmer’s personal anxiety about the vaccine, despite not receiving any kind of medical training. Is outlined. In March, it was published as a full-page advertisement in the article “Australian” owned by Murdoch. This included multiple falsehoods already revealed by the National Therapeutic Goods Authority (TGA). Most notably, Palmer referred to the Australian Government’s “emergency use” approval of the vaccine for the general public. In fact, other countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom, have an “emergency use authorization” (legal authority to allow the distribution of unapproved treatments when medically required), but TGA does not. .. TGA does not have any special permission. I gave the vaccine. They are still being reviewed through a six-step process that also applies to all other vaccines in the country. The administration has promised a quick schedule, but they say it does not include skipping steps or relaxing standards. Therefore, only the Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines have been approved, and only the first stage, called the “provisional decision,” has been approved. “The Therapeutic Goods Department has tentatively approved these vaccines after a thorough evaluation of all available data.” The department wrote a statement on its website. “No part of the process was in a hurry, and no emergency authorization was granted. The TGA does not have an” emergency authorization “route for the COVID-19 vaccine. (The TGA, which did not respond to The Daily Beast’s request for comment, warned last week that it would distribute the AstraZeneca vaccine to people under the age of 50 because of two cases of blood clots). Two Australians “get sick” after receiving an overdose of Pfizer vaccine. Two patients received an additional jab in mid-February, but “no signs of side effects were seen.” Paul Kelly, Australia’s Chief Medical Officer, told Australia 9 News that early clinical trials of the Pfizer vaccine were conducted at doses up to four times higher than currently recommended. Senior citizens. “(Neither Palmer nor Kelly responded to The Daily Beast’s request for comment.)” To be honest, I was really angry, “Gorman said of the leaflet. As an example, Gorman pointed out the 2019 Australian federal elections, where Palmer invested about $ 89 million in his money campaign. “It’s far more than either major party spends on national elections,” Gorman said. “And his model of boosting his ego and splashing cash to give false information at worst times is unpatriotic.” -There are several versions of vaxx’s promotional material, which has attracted the attention of civil servants as high as the prime minister. Last month, Prime Minister Scott Morrison attacked the messaging campaign as “complete garbage” and “misinformation, pure and simple.” The attack seemed a bit of a face to Morrison, who publicly supported a legal challenge from Palmer to Western Australia in the summer. A “hard border” that was closed to stop the spread of COVID-19. The federal government later withdrew its support, but Gorman said it was not well accepted by the masses of Western Australia, partly due to Palmer’s reputation. In response to the incident, state Prime Minister McGowan called Palmer “Australia’s largest egomania.” Shortly thereafter, Shadow Health Minister Mark Butler reported the leaflet to the Australian Election Commission, urging the organization to investigate whether it should be considered political communication. .. Palmer, who served for one term in parliament from 2013 to 2017, formed a political party with the familiar slogan “Make Australia Great”. He unregistered the party when he resigned, but reactivated in 2018 and continues to run the candidate. Butler argued that the leaflets corresponded to campaign material and should be treated as “official party material.” “It is clear that the deployment of the COVID vaccine and the government’s response to the pandemic will be a major issue in the 2021 or 2022 elections. Butler told the Australian press ABC News that it was a” federal election. ” Told. “Mr. Clive Palmer, who has a very close relationship with the party he started, is spitting out false information in exactly the same way as campaigning.” McGowan and Butler did not respond to the Daily Beast’s request for comment. It was. Their accusations came just months after Palmer was charged with fraud and corporate misconduct over his party’s political advertising in July. Prosecutors accused Palmer of diverting about $ 10 million from his business to the group (then called Palmer United) in 2013. If he is found guilty, the crime can be accompanied by long-term imprisonment. Getting involved in medical conspiracy is not a new development for Palmer. Since the beginning of the pandemic, he has conducted a year-long false alarm campaign against Australia’s coronavirus science and legality. In March 2020, billionaires announced plans to acquire or manufacture more than one million hydroxychloroquine. It’s a malaria treatment approved by President Trump for the treatment of COVID-19, but there’s no evidence that it affects the disease. The lack of evidence did not bother Palmer. The following month, he bought about 33 million doses of medicine for free distribution to Australians. In an infographic titled “COVID-19 Hydroxychloroquine Story” published on his Foundation website, he boasts a plan to “make available resources to fund clinical trials.” I did. The next day, Palmer advertised the move by posting three full-page ads in a well-known national newspaper. All of these are owned by News Corporation of Murdoch. Why are you crazy about hydroxychloroquine? Unnecessary use of hydroxychloroquine can pose a risk to patients who do not. I was prescribed medicine. The TGA is well known to patients that the drug “cardiotoxicity can lead to sudden heart attacks, and irreversible eye damage and severe depletion of blood sugar can lead to coma. It warns that it will cause “serious side effects”. According to the Guardian, the TGA later began investigating whether the ad violated the rules of drug advertising. In 2021, Palmer’s confidence in rapid medical research seemed to diminish, turning him from boosting defective drugs to questioning clinical research. At the Australian Outlet ABC News, Chris Moy, Vice President of the Australian Medical Association, made the following suggestions to Palmer: The problem is that someone cannot be vaccinated because of his message. It’s clearly not based on his particular expertise, “Moy added. “What if they later get infected with COVID or die later? He will be completely removed from his direct responsibility for it, but as far as I am concerned, he did something wrong. 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