The filmmaker who recorded Russian propaganda states that Trump “fits neatly” into the Moscow story as the only US leader who “did not try to destroy the Russian lifestyle.”

Former President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin shake hands in Helsinki, Finland, on July 16, 2018.

Former President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki on July 16, 2018.Eureka Dobunov / AFP via Getty Images

  • Filmmaker Maxim Pozdorfkin said Donald Trump fits “properly” into the anti-West Kremlin story.

  • He said Trump was portrayed as the only US leader to “do not try to destroy Russia’s way of life.”

  • He described Russia as having “completely and skillfully” engaged in information warfare over the last decade.

Filmmakers who have extensively recorded Russian propaganda said this week that, among all US leaders, former President Donald Trump “properly fits” the Kremlin’s anti-Western story.

In an interview with Washington post, Maxim Pozdorfkin – Whose Award-winning documentary”Our new president“Following Trump’s elections in 2016, as depicted in Russia’s national media — he gave his view on Moscow’s long-standing propaganda campaign against the United States and the West.

Pozdorfkin wrote in a post the same message from President Vladimir Putin’s government that during the decade before Russia invaded Ukraine, the West was constantly trying to “repress and destroy” their society. Also, he said he had received it. He said Trump was “properly adapted” to Moscow’s promotional activities, as he could be portrayed as “an American leader who did not try to destroy the Russian lifestyle.”

In the context of the story, Posdlovkin said the domestic backlash Trump faced in the United States could be seen as fueled by anti-Russian interests, for whatever reason.

“It’s an information war, a completely one-sided information war, and it’s done completely and skillfully, so much of what’s happening now is possible preemptively,” he told the outlets. ..

“Russian media has been completely shadowboxing for years. No one was fighting back,” he said later in the interview. “But that’s not really a problem. Full penetration of this victim’s message happens when Putin’s aggressive behavior is present. As it is now, many Russians do it. Not considered offensive.

“They just see it standing up for their way of life.”

Playing cards and Putin Met 5 times The details of these meetings were treated in secret during President Trump’s term, As the New York Times reported in 2019..Trump’s deal with Russia Clear openness to Russia’s support in the 2016 presidential election During many of his presidency, he has gathered widespread surveillance.

As Russia invaded Ukraine, Trump issued several statements about Putin and Russia.

Most recently, Trump said if he was still president Will send a nuclear submarine to go “up and down” the Russian coast to put pressure on Putin..He also gave a speech to Republican donors by the United States. He raised the Chinese flag on a fighter and “bombed shit from Russia.”

Just before the invasion, Trump Praised the legitimacy of sending Putin’s army to UkraineCalls Russian leaders “familiar,” “wise,” and “genius.”

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