The final eight episodes of ‘The Walking Dead’ finally address the show’s biggest zombie plot hole from the first season

Maggie, Lauren Cohan TWD Finale

Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and a group of survivors face off against the Commonwealth, plus more aggressive walkers, in the show’s final eight episodes.AMC

  • The final episode of The Walking Dead will feature smarter zombies.

  • Showrunner Angela Kang told the SDCC press conference that it’s a throwback to some Walkers from Season 1.

  • As clever as it is, it feels like something that should have been introduced before the season and was simply added to provide future spin-offs.

when “the walking deadwill return to TV for its eight-episode final airing this fall. Ultimately, he addresses one of the show’s biggest zombie plot holes from season one.

What happened to the smart walkers who picked up rocks, broke down doors, and tried to climb ladders in the show’s first season?

TWD 102 Rocks and Pedestrians

There was even a walker picking up rocks in Season 1, Episode 2 of The Walking Dead.AMC

At the show’s San Diego Comic-Con press conference attended by insiders, showrunner Angela Kang and the cast were asked about a new kind of undead. Teased at the end of the show’s latest trailerKang said their addition was not random and had something to do with the beginning of the show.

“For the walkers, I think it’s a throwback to the walkers we saw in the first season of The Walking Dead, but not everyone has encountered those walkers,” Kang told the press. It seems to be a limited subspecies.”

The final eight episodes of the show are expected to feature a faster kind of undead. In the latest trailer for the show released at San Diego Comic-Con, Aaron (Ross Marquand) says he’s heard stories of walkers who can scale walls and open doors. Then tease Walker going over the fence.

TWD 11c Walker

Walker appears to be climbing a fence in the trailer for the final episode of The Walking Dead.AMC

‘TWD’ universe hinted at a different kind of pedestrian in December 2021 spin-off show

Their addition isn’t entirely shocking.

The ‘Walking Dead’ universe recently introduced this idea of the faster pedestrian variantIn a five-minute coda scene following the series finale of last December’s spin-off The Walking Dead: World Beyond, Edwin Jenner, Ph.D. “Cohort” was mentioned. It’s something we haven’t seen in America yet.

Viewers watch a woman shot and killed come back to life faster than we’re used to seeing. The zombified woman looked faster and more aggressive than what Walker fans were used to in space.

TWD World Beyond 210 Zombies

The ‘World Beyond’ series finale seems to have introduced a new breed of zombies to the ‘TWD’ universe. ”AMC

Most concerning, the woman was resuscitated after being shot in the head. Normally in the world of “TWD” if someone shoots her in the head she dies instead of zombifying. Unless the bullet conveniently missed the woman’s brain, the “TWD: World Beyond” coda suggested that there are types of undead that are much harder to kill or simply don’t die.

At the time, Scott M. Gimple, TWD’s space chief, told an insider that the walkers weren’t psychic, but something different. I hope it “activates” what we mean. ”

These smarter walkers should have been introduced years ago rather than as a footnote in the show’s final episode.

TWD 102 ladder walker

In “The Walking Dead” Season 1, Episode 2, a walker is seen following Rick, grabbing onto a ladder as if to climb it.AMC

At the press conference, Kang added that the pedestrians teased in the new trailer will put Daryl and the rest of the survivors on alert.

“Every time the rules change, it means we have to work more on the game because people realize that the methods they use to survive don’t work the same way,” Kang said. “Our survivors are very smart, so they try to adapt. But that’s just one of the many conflicts they’re dealing with.”

It’s not like the group really needs another new threat introduced in the final eight episodes.

The smarter zombie subplot is an original to the AMC series.

Aaron, Ross Marquand TWD 11c

At this moment in the “TWD” 11c trailer, things go wrong for Aaron.AMC

On the one hand, regular rewatches of the series, revisiting the first season, and the remarkable contrast between Walker’s former showrunner Frank Darabont, who was introduced to the series, and what more docile fans were accustomed to. A sensible fix for those who point out the difference. in later seasons.

Since taking over “TWD” as showrunner in season 9, Kang has found other clever ways to streamline moments from past seasons into the present.Most recently, the series Smart Political Links Between Federation Leader Pamela Milton and Ex-Leader of Alexandriasomething comics never did.

However, with the introduction of smarter walkers at the tail end of The Walking Dead, whose season stretched to 24 episodes, some viewers wondered why this threat was introduced so late in the game. You may be wondering.

It’s a clever way to finally deal with the rock-breaking walkers in season one, but the cleverer zombies are what the show did years ago to shake things up, make the series fresh, and make the undead menace feel that way. It’s something we should have considered doing to… , the threat.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan in TWD 11c

While these walkers have been introduced, fans already know that certain characters like Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) are safe for his role in the ‘TWD’ spinoff. .AMC

Instead, going into the show’s final eight episodes, which begin on October 2nd, the smarter walker addition is more of a tribute to the series than offering a throwback and paying tribute to where the show began. I feel like it’s about setting things up for. many upcoming spin-off showsincluding those based on Daryl, Negan, and Maggie, and Rick and Michonne.

When an insider asked at a press conference if the show will be a definitive closure or more open-ended as the series heads towards its many spin-offs, Kang said: It will feel like the show has closure. ”

“The show itself needs an ending of its own, but it leaves the door open. It’s a very common thing in life, and it seems like it was in a comic ending,” Kang added. “Even if the story told on the screen ends, there is always a story to follow.”

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