The final fantasy 11 mobile game plan announced in 2015 is definitely cancelled


Square Enix

The “Final Fantasy 11” mobile game plan announced by Square Enix and the Korean-Japanese joint venture publisher Nexon in 2015 was finally officially cancelled after a long delay.according to GameSpot According to reports, rumors of planned abortion have actually appeared since December last year, but at that time both companies chose to refuse to comment.And now according to the Japanese media Gamebiz According to the report, Nexon has confirmed in the financial report meeting on February 9 that the “Final Fantasy 11” mobile game has been officially cancelled.

“Final Fantasy 11” is an MMORPG work launched by SE in 2002. It has landed on PS2, Windows and Xbox 360 platforms. And after its mobile game version “Final Fantasy 11 R” was officially announced by SE and Nexon in 2015, there was basically no following. The game that was originally going to be released in 2016 has no audio for a few years… As for the work Nexon did not disclose much of the reason for the cancellation. But to speculate from their words, it seems that the final product may not meet the expectations of fans. The employees responsible for the plan have also been appointed to other tasks.