The final version of Android 12 beta is released


Android 12

Android 12

Finally, the last beta of the next-generation system Android 12 is alsoReleased as scheduled, Major changes and new features are probably finalized, so this fifth public beta version will focus on minor adjustments. Google also revealed that they will push the official version in the next few weeks. Pixel phone users will naturally get the update first, and then other manufacturers will upgrade at their own pace.

Android 12 uses the new Material You design language, the interface design, color, animation will be different, and the theme color will also know how to generate according to the wallpaper. In addition, it will also focus on strengthening the control of personal privacy, including exclusive control panels, sensor (camera, microphone, etc.) use prompts. Other upgrades to the system include camera-based automatic image rotation, and the search engine in the device can drill down to app content.