The first-generation Surface Duo will get an Android 11 upgrade before the end of the year


Microsoft Surface Duo


Although Microsoft has just released the Surface Duo 2, it does not mean that it has purchased a generationWhite mouseOld users were left behind.Microsoft to The Verge Said that the first generation of Duo will be upgraded to Android 11 “before the end of the year”. Although there is no detailed upgrade content, it is possible that some new Duo 2 features may also come to Duo in addition to Android 11 itself.

Duo 2 is also based on Android 11. In addition to Android 11 itself improving support for multiple screens, Duo 2 also has some optimizations of its own, such as giving priority to the screen on the right hand side. The overall experience of Duo 2 is smoother than Duo, and there are fewer bugs, so there is a chance that Microsoft can fix some of Duo’s defects.

In any case, this is good news for the first-generation Duo buyers. For those who are simply interested in the Duo dual-screen, if it can really improve the experience (and don’t care about the camera’s extreme popularity), the first generation of Duo is now basically sold at half the price when it was first launched, perhaps unexpectedly. Maybe.