The first report on the Murdo murder is published, giving a glimpse of the first police response

Police found the shell casing after the killings of Paul and Maggie Murdo and were looking for a nearby video surveillance camera. Significantly edited police report Released on Monday afternoon.

A report from the Colleton County Sheriff’s Office has almost completely succumbed, but the law enforcement agency’s first response after it was discovered that the mother and son were shot dead outside the vast Colleton County grounds. Provides a rough sketch.

Monday’s news release is the first official release of police reports since the double murder.The release is: Recent proceedings For institutions to hold reports from the public.

The published document contains 11 story reports from officers who responded to the shooting scene. Most reports have been edited and some have been completely edited.

At 10:07 pm on June 7, a sheriff’s office dispatcher received a call about a double murder on Islandton’s 4147 Mosel Road. First statement of SLED After the murder. It is a remote area near the border between Colleton and Hampton County.

According to the story, lawmakers arrived almost 20 minutes later and found the bodies of Paul and Maggie Murdo. According to one report, they secured the scene and marked the shell casing. However, according to one supplementary report, one police officer answered at 10:07 pm, the same time he received the 911 call.

The next morning, another lawmaker was instructed to look for a house or company with an external camera facing the road.

A part of the report showing whether there was a forced entry into Murdo House was edited.

In a news release on police reports, SLED said it was evaluating records and would release more information “if possible.”

Authorities said there was a flood of requests for information disclosure laws.

Last week, Charleston’s Post and Courier sued a police agency investigating the murder case for violating the Information Disclosure Act by refusing to publish police reports and 911 phones. SLED has not yet released any other documentation, including 911 Calls.

“I urge the general public to be patient and get the investigation on track,” SLED Chief Mark Keel said in the release. “This case is complicated and we will not rush to investigate this or the investigation. The investigation decisions we make through this proceeding must withstand the scrutiny of the criminal justice process. SLED agents have potential sightings. Continue interviewing people, collect and process potential evidence, and investigate all leads with the same diligence as focusing on all cases.

“SLED agents are working hard with our partners to file a proceeding against the person responsible for the killings of Paul and Maggie Murdo to ensure that justice is provided,” Kiel said. Told.

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