The flight attendant taught him how to wear a mask.Then he hit her, says a Florida cop


Another tantrum in the sky over the rules of face masks, and this in Florida on Thursday afternoon became violent.

by Pensacola News JournalA 70-year-old Oregon man was arrested on suspicion of beating a flight attendant when an American Airlines flight landed at Pensacola International Airport around 2:30 pm Thursday. The passenger’s departure city was not included in the police report.

A Florida woman was out of control of the plane.Things just got worse on the ground, police say

Passenger John Rookie was excited to be told to readjust his face mask, according to Pensacola police spokesman Mike Wood. The problem escalated, Wood spoke to the Miami Herald, and the suspect hit the clerk with his arm.

The injury was minor, but AA employees wanted to push the charges, Wood said.

The rookie was arrested, charged with a battery, and resisted the arrest.He was carried to Escambia County Prison He was later released on bail of $ 500. You may be fined. Recent incidents have been a series of passengers flying on planes for a variety of reasons, most of which are related to masks.

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by Federal Aviation Administration, “The impact on passengers who behave uncontrollably can be significant. They may be fined by the FAA or prosecuted in criminal charges. FAA reapproval As part of the bill (PDF), the FAA can offer up to $ 37,000 for each breach for unruly passengers. “