The French virus health path is fully used, but protests continue


Paris — Thousands marched in cities across France on Saturday protesting the COVID-19 Health Pass currently needed to access restaurants, cafes, cultural facilities, sports arenas and long-distance travel.

Six times in a row on Saturday, he accused his opponents of seeing it as a limitation of their freedom. Many criticized the measure, claiming that the French government implicitly mandated vaccines.

In Paris, four demonstrations were organized by different groups and more than 200 protests took place elsewhere in French cities and towns. Last week, more than 200,000 marches were found.

The path shows that people are fully vaccinated and have evidence of a recent negative test or recent COVID-19 recovery. The law authorizing it also required immunization of French health workers by September 15.

Despite the protests, polls have shown that the majority of French people support the health path. Millions have been vaccinated for the first time since French President Emmanuel Macron announced the measure on July 12.

Since last month, France has recorded a large number of infections, with approximately 22,000 infections per day, which has been stable for the past week.

In France, more than 47 million people, or 70.2% of the population, are vaccinated at least once, and 40.5 million, or more than 60.5%, are fully vaccinated.

Associated Press