The gaming company has placed a $ 62 million bet on Florida voters.Don’t let them win

Think Florida, warned. The doors are wide open for more gambling and everyone is scrambling to get some of the action.

Another way to explain this amazing news: Interest in gambling last month contributed $ 62 million to groups and initiatives that could impact the future of sports betting and casino gambling through the 2022 voting initiative. Brought The story of the Miami Herald.

With such money on the table, Florida’s potential market must be huge. Much of this interest undoubtedly stems from the easy parliamentary approval of this year’s $ 500 million gambling deal negotiated between Governor Ron DeSantis and the Seminoles.

Out-of-state sports game company FanDuel and DraftKings Each contains the cool $ 10 million they put into the Political Commission to expand online sports betting throughout the state. They froze from the Seminole trade.

A powerful new player, Las Vegas Sands has invested $ 17 million in a political committee related to two voting issues for more casinos. Sources told Herald that the company is interested in purchasing an existing parimutuel license to open casinos in Jacksonville and other northern Florida spots.

Miami’s Magic City Casino has not specified an official purpose, but has prepaid $ 15 million for its own political committee. And the Seminole, the winner of the final round of Gambling Gone Wild in the state, has put $ 10 million into yet another political committee.

Contribution cap

It’s like a state-wide amendment that requires voter approval to expand casino gambling — Approved in 2018 with 71% of votes — It didn’t happen at all.

The timing of this large amount of cash is not a coincidence. A new law came into force on July 1 to limit donations to signature collection (a requirement to obtain ballot amendments) to just $ 3,000 per organization. However, a proceeding was filed and a federal judge temporarily blocked the law as it was about to come into force.

And don’t forget, the push to impose this contribution cap came from Republicans trying to make it harder to get the so-called “citizen initiative” on ballots. If they knew that the bill could hurt the great interests of gambling — they sincerely accepted at the last session — they probably made an exception.

It’s not yet entirely clear which organization wants what next year.However Miami Herald sketched it like this: FanDuel and DraftKings are looking for their own online sports betting deal approved by Florida voters. The Seminoles want to be ready to defend their 30-year gaming contract, which is still awaiting federal approval. The Sands organization is looking at casinos in northern Florida. And Magic City stakes are designed to ensure that the parimutuel method stands on the table.

Well, we agree, if it sounds like roasting on Sunday dinner.

United Opposition

Resolute opposition to more casinos in Miami-Dade County seems to have so far turned much of its interest further north. Thanks to Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber, developer Armando Codina, and Miami Billionaire Norman Braman for the opposite wall here. Over the years, and especially last year, their united front has undoubtedly blunted the effects of this effort to undermine people’s voices.

Despite concerns during the legislative session, there are no casinos at Fontembro Resort in Miami Beach and Trump Resort in Doral. Both Miami Beach and Doral’s municipalities have passed ordinances against such developments.

But keep an eye on it. The door is not closed there.

And don’t expect help from the governor who is already longing for Washington. De Santis met Miriam Adelson in March. Miriam Adelson has now dominated the Las Vegas Sands since her husband Sheldon Adelson died. It was around the time when large-scale gambling transactions were launched.

However, in this state, the gambling increase is not yet complete. Adding constitutional amendments to Florida ballots is not easy. And any amendments must be passed by at least 60 percent of the votes. No matter how much money a gambling company spends in Florida, voters still have the final say.

After all, the biggest bet the gambling industry is making is your complacency.

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