The gay Republican group states that being excluded from the Republican National Convention in Texas is “not only narrow-minded, but politically short-sighted.”

  • Fort Worth’s Log Cabin Republican said booths at the Texas Republican Convention were not allowed.

  • This group is part of a national organization that represents LGBTQ conservatives.

  • Log Cabin Republicans across the country called the Texas GOP move “narrow” and “politically short-sighted.”

A group of Texas Republicans representing conservatives in the LGBTQ community said they were denied the ability to set up a booth at the Texas Republican Convention.

Fort Worth’s Log Cabin Republicans say they are a branch of the Log Cabin Republicans across the country and are not allowed to set up booths at conventions that feature several Republicans and vendors in Houston over the weekend. rice field. Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported..

The move prompted comments from Log Cabin Republicans across the country, who the president called the decision “angina.”

President Charles Moran said, “It is clear that inclusion will win, which not only narrows the Texas Republican leadership’s decision to exclude Texas Logcabin Republicans from their tournament, but also politics. Is short-sighted. ” statementQuoted former President Donald Trump’s support for the LGBTQ Republican Party.

The Texas Republican Party also discussed policy proposals to push the party further to the right, including voting on a platform that declares homosexuality an “abnormal lifestyle choice.” The Texas Tribune reported..

According to Star Telegram, the decision to accept or reject the booth’s application is left to the state Republican chairman Matt Rinaldi.

“I think they made the right decision based on our rules for booth approval,” Rinaldi told Star Telegram. “Given the current situation in our country, I think it is inappropriate for us to do sexual identity politics.”

List of tournaments Legislative priorities Includes calls to “prohibit changing the gender of children” and “stop sexualizing children in Texas”, the latter of “sexual problems (dynamics, emotions, orientation, or” gender identity “”. The purpose is to prohibit discussions with children regarding “problems)”.

Fort Worth Log Cabin Republican President Jason Baldwin is angry at “focusing” on those who support giving children access to secondary sexual characteristics and dragging shows. He said he was. He said it was not “identity politics” to support gay marriage and oppose the party.

“What I’m curious about is that just because we’ve identified our group as LGBT, our group supports it all in some way,” Baldwin said. I told Telegram. “This has to do with the LGBT people and not much with opposition to state identity politics or the party platform.”

and TweetNational Log Cabin Republicans shared a statement from Donald Trump Jr., who criticized the Texas Republican decision.

“Texas Republicans should focus on fighting radical Democrats and weak RINOS, rather than canceling a group of gay conservatives standing on the beach with us,” Trump Jr. said. Stated.

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