The general public is encouraged to take the Covid test twice a week as the blockade rules are relaxed.

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Coronavirus article bar with counter

Boris Johnson is encouraged to undergo a Covid test twice a week on Monday to show that no one in the country is infected.

Rapid lateral flow test paid by government It can be delivered to your home free of charge from Friday.

The multi-billion pound expansion of tests is designed to catch Covid outbreaks early when the economy resumes.

Testing is optional, but this announcement could pave the way for workplaces and businesses to ask staff and customers to give negative results.

It is also understood that the government is considering how mass testing systems can form part of civil servants. “Covid certification” scheme, The general public needs to show the latest negative test results to prove that they have been vaccinated or to prove that they have antibodies from recent infections to attend an event or venue there is.

Covid-19 antibody positive person

Covid-19 antibody positive person

The Prime Minister said:

“The vaccine program continues to be well-developed and a roadmap is underway to carefully relax restrictions, so regular rapid testing is even more important to ensure that these efforts are not wasted. ..

“That’s why we are now deploying free quick inspections to everyone across the UK to help stop their truck outbreaks, and meet the people we love, You can redo what we enjoy. “

Johnson will also announce at the Downing Street Press Conference on Monday – Held just a year after he was taken to the hospital on Covid-19 – The next phase of lifting the blockade restrictions will begin on April 12. This includes reopening outdoor pubs, restaurants and non-essential shops.

The Prime Minister will also announce plans to allow foreign summer vacations starting May 17th. This is expected to give an overview of the signal system, where the least risky countries are labeled green and travelers to those countries have the least restrictions.

Vaccine passports and exam certificates will also be confirmed this summer to allow people to visit theaters, cinemas, playgrounds, nightclubs and music festivals without social distance. Early ones of these events rely heavily on testing, not proof of vaccination.

The government has ordered £ 384m of immunochromatography kits for over £ 1.3bn and the pipeline has contracts worth at least £ 900m.

The idea of ​​mass testing as a way to tackle a pandemic first emerged last year by Health Minister Matt Hancock as Operation Moonshot, which envisioned up to 10 million tests per day. This move shows a significant increase from the current 1.2 million daily tests.

“When we resume society and part of the life we ​​all truly missed, regular rapid testing helps us quickly find positive cases and crush the outbreak. It will help, “Hancock said.

“Vaccine programs are targeted nationwide, but regaining lost freedom and returning to normal depends on all of us being tested on a regular basis.

“The British public last year showed that they adapted quickly for the benefit of public health and always did the right thing, and I found them by being tested regularly in the coming months. I know to do a bit of. “

Over 100,000 companies in the UK Interested in providing quick inspections to employeesBecause companies are expected to use tests to get their staff back to work.

Also, if employees share office space, they may try to force the company to make sure their colleagues are taking the test.

Immunochromatography Q & amp; A

Immunochromatography Q & A

Rapid testing is already available to frontline NHS staff. Care for teleworkers, residents and visitors. And school students and their families are extended to everyone, whether or not they are vaccinated.

The test helps identify one in three people who are asymptomatic. They are believed to have caught over 120,000 positive cases that would not have been otherwise found.

They are available online or in 7 batches from pharmacies and can be managed at home or used at work, local government community test sites or PCR test sites.

Rollouts involve stricter test and trace rules.

All customers in the hospitality You need to check in using the Covid app. This makes it easier for the NHS to reach out to people who may be near the person infected with the virus. Previously, only one person from each group had to register for attendance.

Unless the PCR test reverses the results, those who test positive should be self-quarantined for 10 days. People who track contact with someone who has been warned by the test and have had positive results should also be quarantined for the same period of time.

Dr. Susan Hopkins, Chief Medical Advisor of the NHS Test and Trace, said:

“These tests are effective in detecting those who are infectious and are therefore most likely to spread the infection to others. These are the other things needed to keep the infection rate low. Two tools.

“I encourage everyone to accept the offer of these free quick tests-they can be done quickly and easily in your own home.”

Immunochromatography exams can increase dramatically if admission to theaters, cinemas, sports grounds, nightclubs and music festivals is required as part of the certification system.

Johnson will announce a trial that will allow people to do it on Monday If you are vaccinated, go to the eventIf you have a negative test within 36 hours, or a positive test in the last 6 months, you will get some immunity from Covid-19.

“The immunochromatography infrastructure needs to be monitored, but it helps. We couldn’t accept home-tested lateral flow as evidence of a negative Covid. Also, the final I would like to warn you that no such decision has been made. “

Pubs and restaurants will initially be exempt from vaccines and test passports when they resume outdoor service on April 12. However, the minister said he did not rule out the possibility of requiring immigration authorization in the second half of the summer, according to Covid data.

Meanwhile, in Germany, the Minister of Health announced: Vaccinated people will soon have certain privilegesThis includes traveling without quarantine, visiting a hairdresser, and shopping without further testing.