The girl fights and escapes from the attacker trying to rob her

Fort Lauderdale, Florida (AP) —A girl kneeling in a grassy safe zone while waiting for a school bus and looking up as a white van passes by — She is very uncomfortable when a driver approaches her two weeks ago. became. I told her parents and teacher.

The 11-year-old’s eyes continue when the van disappears, before returning to the blue slime playing. After a minute, the van will return and stop across the street. She looks up and notices that the man runs towards her with a knife, and a second later she is fighting for her life.

Escambian County Sheriff’s agent arrested Jarrad Paul Tanga late Tuesday after a full-day investigation in Pensacola involving dozens of detectives and agents. He has been charged with attempted kidnapping, exacerbation of assault, and other felony charges for an attack on a girl captured by a nearby security camera.

“We caught the animals,” Sheriff Chip Simmons of Escanbia said at a press conference on Tuesday night.

100 seconds silent video At 7:00 am on Tuesday, a security camera shows a girl alone on a traffic island opposite the forest. After the van overtakes her for the first time, several other vehicles also pass by. Then the van returns and stops, the man jumps out and runs towards the girl, reaching back as if pulling a knife. She tries to escape with her backpack, but the man puts her in the headlock and drags her towards the van.

She struggled and knocked both down to the ground. She is free and runs away from the van. The man doesn’t chase her and goes back to the van to speed up.

“If this 11-year-old victim didn’t think about fighting, fighting, fighting and never gave up, this could have ended very differently,” Simmons said. “You don’t need a genius to understand what his intentions were.”

Dozens of investigators and lawmakers searched the area, and civilians were asked for information about white vans with silver bumpers, Simmons said. He said he found a video of Stanga at a nearby convenience store where his agent wore the same dark blue shirt as the attacker and obtained his license plate number. When the agent went to his house, they found a van, the silver bumper was just painted black. Simmons said his arms were marked with blue slime when they arrested Stanga. Stanga remained imprisoned on Wednesday without being detained. Records do not indicate whether he has a lawyer.

According to Simmons, the detective has contacted other nearby agencies to see if there are any similar kidnappings or attempts.

He said the girl escaped with a small scratch and trauma.

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