The Google I/O Developer Conference will be held online this year on May 18

Google I/O

Google I/O

After the routine I/O developer conference was completely cancelled last year due to the epidemic, Google is ready to host it online this year, bringing Google’s latest technology and services.The exact date is hidden inA series of mysteriesAfter that, according to Results after 9to5Google puzzle solving, Will be held between May 18th and 20th, the most important opening Keynote will naturally fall on the 18th.

Since it is held online, Google does not charge any fees, allowing the conference to participate for free. What kind of content the specific event is, it’s still unclear, but it should be mainly the live broadcast on Google’s side, right? I/O used to be mostly focused on software and services, but there have been examples of publishing hardware, and Google’s secrecy has never been so good. If Google is really preparing any new products, maybe it will be before the event. It leaked light.

Google I/O will join Apple’s developer conference WWDC21 and Microsoft’s developer conference Build, which will be held online in May. The dates of the three are staggered and none of them are in the same week. Although the impact of the epidemic this year is still making physical activities infeasible, at least online activities have returned to normal.

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