The Governor of Tennessee has signed a bill banning companies from requiring COVID-19 vaccination and imposing restrictions on schools.

Bill Lee
  • Tennessee Governor Bill Lee signed a bill on Friday limiting school and business authority over the COVID-19 protocol.

  • Under the law, private companies are not allowed to require employees to be vaccinated.

  • Schools cannot claim vaccination or mask obligations unless certain conditions are met.

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee signed a bill on Friday banning private companies from demanding proof of vaccination against the coronavirus.

The law will come into effect soon and is likely to oppose legal opposition. Tennessee..

Schools are also prohibited by law from requiring proof of vaccination unless certain conditions are met. At least 1,000 COVID-19 cases have been identified for every 100,000 residents within 14 days before schools and other government agencies require vaccination or force masks to be worn. is needed.

By law, some businesses must decide whether to comply with federal or state law.Under the mandate from the Biden administration, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration of the Ministry of Labor demands employers Over 100 employees To ensure that workers have been tested for COVID-19 vaccine or weekly.The Federal Court of Appeals Temporarily stayed on that mission.

Schools can also be sandwiched between state and federal obligations. Sean Braisted, a spokesman for Metro Nashville Public School, told Tennessees that system administrators were in conflict between federal and state rights.

“Our preference is for MNPS to keep students safe and make factual decisions rather than politics,” Braisted said. “Metro School is constantly striving to comply with the law. Based on the decisions of the federal courts of each of the three major divisions of the state, there are concerns about conflicts between state and federal law. These concerns are also raised by the courts. . “

Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Utah are one of the states that challenge the legality of federal vaccine obligations that are causing turmoil among Republican politicians across the country. To date, more than half of all US states have applied or participated A proceeding against mandate.

The Tennessee report still allows private companies to enforce Mask’s obligations.

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