The hacker changed the callsign of the superyacht linked to Putin to “FCKPTN” and set the ship’s destination to “hell”.

Yacht & # 39; Elegance & # 39; On July 13, 2015, Russian President Vladimir Putin anchored at the port of Sochi, Russia.

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s superyacht was seen moored at the port of Sochi in Russia in 2015.Marcus Brandt / Photo Alliance by Getty Images

  • Members of the “Hacktivist” group Anonymous have ruined a superyacht believed to be owned by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

  • The hacker changed the yacht’s callsign to “FCKPTN” and the ship’s destination to “hell”.

  • “Now Putin’s yachts are on the right track!” The group posted on Twitter to acknowledge the hacking achievements.

The Anonymous “hactivist” set It ruined the callsign of a superyacht allegedly owned by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The group claimed hacking credit on Tuesday. This included changing the callsign of a ship named Graceful to “FCKPTN” and the destination of the ship to “hell”.

Anonymous groups tweeted, “Putin’s yachts are on the right track now !;) #FckPutin,” claiming the hack’s achievements.

Vessel tracking information seen at press time The callsign of the superyacht has been updated to “ANONYMO” to indicate that “FCKPTN” is the destination of the boat instead.

Hackers Independent journalist Ryan Gallagher..

The hacker told Gallagher, “I want to put a little smile on some faces for a short time in these dark times.”

An elegant superyacht Luxury crafts believed to be worth about $ 100 million.. 270 foot yacht Suddenly left Hamburg, Germany later Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began on Thursday..

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