The healthiest man on the planet says sleeping, ice bathing, and spending time in the sauna maximizes his muscle recovery.

Justin Medeiros, a CrossFit Games athlete, sits on the floor in a comfortable bed with his back to an EightSleep brand mattress.

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  • 2021 CrossFit Games champion Justin Medeiros said sleep and recovery are essential to his training.

  • He maintains a careful night routine and aims for at least eight hours of sleep to work well.

  • He also uses a sauna and cold plunge to restore muscle in his home gym.

Justin Medeiros of CrossFit says ice bath, sleep and sauna sessions help him perform during his peak hours.

Chosen as the most worthy man on the planet as the 2021 CrossFit Games winner, Medeiros says he will spend more time training and strengthening at “Full-Time CrossFit” now that he’s graduated from college. I did. His self-care routine in the process.

“What really changed this year is the amount of time we can spend on recovery,” he told insiders in an interview coordinated through a partnership with a major sleep fitness company. Eight sleep..

The 23-year-old star athlete says he usually trains for five hours on a training day and plans to participate in longer sessions as the competition season approaches. As a result, he can take his fitness to the next level by getting enough sleep and helping his muscles recover in a sauna or ice bath session.

“There are a lot of people who go into the gym and train their hips hard, but I think there’s plenty of room to move the needle out of the gym,” Medeiros said.

Medeiros said sleep is the number one factor in his training performance

As an elite athlete, Medeiros has done a lot to keep her body in top shape, from nourishing her daily intake of 5,000 calories to tackling mobility for rigorous exercise such as handstand walking. He said he was spending time and energy.

But the most prominent factor in his routine is sleep.

“If I can’t sleep well, that day’s training will be ruined,” he said.

Medeiros said his performance and energy were best when he went to bed with the alarm off for at least eight hours at night and on rest days.

To prioritize a good night’s rest, he takes CBD oil before bedtime, exercises for about 20 minutes, exercises, and turns off all electronic devices at 10 pm before bedtime.

“I found it really useful to have a nightly routine because it’s hard to put myself to sleep,” he said.

He said Eight Sleep is a “game changer” and can maintain its goals with temperature control technology for comfortable rest and sleep tracking.

He has a sauna and a cold plunge in his home gym

Medeiros said he has set his gym as the “ultimate training facility” so he doesn’t have to leave home to use the sauna and cold plunge every day.

A typical routine is a few cycles, 15 minutes in the sauna, followed by 2-3 minutes in the cold plunge.

Studies suggest both sauna When Ice bath It helps to accelerate muscle recovery, reduce pain, promote relaxation and even increase endurance.

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