The hit-and-run driver ran two women for not wearing a full hijab

Morteza Nikoubazl via Reuters

Morteza Nikoubazl via Reuters

According to Iran’s labor news agency Iruna, two women were in danger because they didn’t wear a complete hijab head covering after an angry driver targeted them on a busy street in northwestern Iran. It is in a state of being.

The vehicle perpetrators reportedly first shouted that the woman was “non-Islamic” because she did not think she was well covered. After Iran’s 1979 Islamic Revolution, all women over the age of nine need to cover their heads and curves, but it is becoming more and more common for women in Iran’s big cities to oppose the ruling.

The man then drove over them with his Peugeot and did not cause serious but life-threatening injuries. The Iruna Agency image shows a woman dressed in a pink smock lying on the pavement.

Iranian leaders support the rule of the hijab, but Hojjatoleslam Behnam Delrish, the secretary of the group’s headquarters that enforces such decisions, has accused the attack. “Yesterday’s behavior was wrong,” he told Iruna. “We call on the media to educate us because such situations have nothing to do with prohibiting poetic justice and people should not be allowed to abuse them.”

A driver who escaped from the scene was identified and arrested late Monday night. The prosecutor said he was cooperating. “After being informed of a deliberate accident on Kashani Street and injuring two women in this case, the necessary orders were immediately issued to investigators to finally arrest the criminal who cooperated effectively. The necessary steps were taken, “he said. “The criminal is investigated and determinedly punished. Anyone who does not allow arbitrariness or lawlessness and endangers people’s lives, property, honor and security will be treated harshly.”

Iran’s Vice President of Women’s Affairs, Masoumeh Ebtekar, has called for more prosecutions to include attempted murder.

Iran is famous for its easy crimes against women. In 2019, a bill aimed at providing stronger protection was strongly criticized by the Iran Human Rights Center (CHRI), saying that it “does not provide effective and sufficient guarantees to protect women from violence. , Often promotes and supports stereotypes., Discriminatory and sexist views of women. “

The group said the final legislation did not explicitly define the term “violence” or “domestic violence” as a punishable crime. It also did not provide for the exclusion of victims from abusers. The bill also requires women complaining to abusers to go through a one-month settlement process before proceeding in proceedings in case the dispute can be resolved outside the judicial system. increase. The group also accused the abused woman of having no steps to divorce her husband for abuse until her husband was convicted three times, and otherwise.

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