The husband “pulled” the wheel from his wife — causing a crash and killing him, Texas police say


A Texas woman survived a fatal rollover near Lubbock’s Interstate 27 on Saturday, but her husband died at the scene of the wreck he allegedly caused, according to Lubbock police. Was found.

The woman later told police in a local hospital that their marriage was collapsing and they were discussing behind the car.

Police reported that she was “trying to divorce” because she was “treating her badly” and had other “relationship problems.” She told police that they no longer lived together and he was staying at the La Quinta Hotel.

Apparently they met each other that day, but he was a “jerk” and she told him he was going to return him to the hotel. This upset him, and as he “pulled the wheel,” she lost control, turned to the sidewalk, and turned over several times.

My husband was thrown out of the car.

When a Lubbock police officer approached the scene, they first noticed a tire mark starting on the northbound I-27 access road. The nearby, tattered 2004 GMC Envoy was resting on the roof of a parking lot.

Next to it was a dead man covered in a white blanket. The woman was reportedly trapped in an SUV and was talking while paramedics were working to release her. Her legs and ankles appeared to be “seriously injured and probably broken.”

She was “upset,” a police report said. She said, “I didn’t know why (my husband) did what he did.”

Paramedics pulled her away from the wreckage and she was taken to a college medical center “Seriously injured, “According to the Lubbock police.

Investigation is in progress.

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