The Idaho company registers a website that proposes a new name for the NFL’s Washington Football Team.

The Idaho tech company has registered a website domain associated with what could be the new name for the NFL’s Washington Football Team.

MarkMonitorHeadquartered in The Village at Meridian, acquired the Domains of MarkMonitor is the registrar for all teams except the NFL and the six NFL teams. Sports news reported on Thursday..

Twitter user, Rally Legend, Found that ownership of the website has been transferred to Mark Monitor. This information was confirmed by Whois, an internet record listing service. The The domain was previously owned Depends on the domain registration site Namecheap..

The call to Mark Mionitor’s Meridian Headquarters was not made on Friday morning. The email to the company executives was not returned immediately.

The Washington Football Team (formerly known as the Redskins) has been increasingly criticized for years for being derogatory to American Indians and announced a new name for the team on Wednesday. intend to do something.

team Stopped using the old name Under pressure from the NFL and sponsors in 2020 A series of name changes Brought about as a result of later protests George Floyd was killed By the Minneapolis police.

The team considered some new names and narrowed the list to the commander and seven other possibilities, including continued use of the Washington Football Team. In September, Washington co-owner and CEO Tanya Snyder said: Other names under consideration They were President, Brigade, Commander, Armada, Red Hoggs, and Defender.

MarkMonitor was founded in 1999 by Boise tech entrepreneurs Faisal Shah, James Hepworth and Ed Priddy.

A business breakfast lecture on the challenges of intellectual property law raised in the early days of the Internet led Shah and Hepworth to develop computer software that could track breaches on the web.

Over time, MarkMonitor software has provided subscribers with the ability to find and stop online breaches of logos, brands, domain names, and products, and protect them from online fraud and phishing threats.

Shah and Hepworth sold Mark Monitor to Thomson Reuters in 2012 for “hundreds of millions of dollars.” I told a member of the Idaho State Assembly In an interview in 2014. Mark Monitor is now owned by To clarifyLondon-based analysis company.

Reactions to the names of potential new Washington football teams have been mixed. As expected by professional sports teams, some fans like it, while others are less excited. And some don’t believe it’s the actual choice of the team.

Joe Gibbs, who led the team for 16 years from 1981 to 1992 and led Washington to three Super Bowl titles, believes fans will love the new name.

“It’s a little … bittersweet? Yeah.” Gibbs Told to NBC Sports Washington.. “I grew up in North Carolina. The only football team we could see on TV was the Redskins. I feel like the biggest Redskin fan in the world. Whatever the name, I We are fans of Washington Football and will stand behind it. “

Charles Mann, a member of all three Washington Super Bowl teams, responded differently to his previous coach. Man, 4 Pro Bowl Selections, I joined the call Along with the legends of other Washington football teams to measure interest in the new name.

“They probably gave us three names on the Zoom Call three months ago,” Mann told Washington, DC radio station 106.7 The Fan this week. “They asked about all three. They put all three names on the cross.”

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