The impact of COVID-19 could hurt Japanese automakers’ production in October

Tokyo — The turmoil in parts and parts suppliers due to the COVID-19 pandemic could force Japanese automakers to cut production again in October, said Akio Toyoda, head of the auto industry lobby group, Thursday. Told to.

Japanese automakers have to cut production already this month as pandemics disrupt manufacturing around the world and boost demand for chips from consumer electronics makers, making it difficult to find semiconductors and other components. It didn’t become.

“Depending on the manufacturer, production may decline in October,” said Toyota, the president of Toyota Motor Corporation, the largest automobile manufacturer in Japan, who leads the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association.

Toyota joined another major global automaker in September, cutting global production by 40% from planned levels and already slowing production to address shortfalls.

The world’s largest automaker said it will make up for lost production to reach its 9.3 million vehicle target for the year to March 31.

Other Japanese automakers struggling to overcome component shortages include Nissan, Honda Motor, Suzuki and Mazda.