The impact of Kavanaugh’s confirmation in the 2018 elections could reveal how the Roe v. Wade reversal would affect this year’s midterm elections.


Brett Kavanaugh

Brett Kavanaugh, Deputy Judge of the US Supreme Court.Chip Somode Villa / Getty Images

  • Following Kavanaugh’s 2018 confirmation, 40 Republican seats have been converted to Democratic candidates.

  • In 27 of those races, Republican candidates led a poll conducted prior to Kavanaugh’s controversial hearing.

  • Responses to his confirmation may show how the abolition of the Roe v. Wade case will affect this year’s midterm elections.

Political analyst Roe v. Wade overthrows Some suggest that this year’s midterm elections may reveal possible trends in 2018 data.

2018, next Controversial confirmation hearing 40 Republican seats of Judge Brett Kavanaugh of the Supreme Court accused of sexual assault by Christine Ford Turned over To be a candidate for democracy. Republican candidates led a poll conducted prior to the hearing and lost 27 of those races in November. This shows an increase in the mobilization of party voters after the hearing.

“This is when the mid-term was decided. Everything up to that point was a gradual erosion of political and social norms for many Americans, but nevertheless it was gradual. Often politically imperceptible. A general state of anxiety in support of the status quo Election Revolution. ” Hill..

He continued. “But the Republicans have given the accused sexual predators a lifelong appointment in the Supreme Court of the country. Until then, they were lightning rods that struck political lives from 27 Republicans who won in November. Keep the room in the hands of the Republicans. “

Friday’s Supreme Court ruling Abolish the federal abortion protection established by the Roe v. Wade case This year’s midterm elections could cause a similar increase in voter activity.Historically, the first president was often Lose parliamentary seats In the first midterm election, but recently poll Shows that it closes the gap when it comes to whether voters want Republican or Democratic candidates in Congress.

Like a democracy candidate launching on a large scale mobilization When Donation Efforts since the ruling, plans of Democratic leaders Turnout electric shock It will lead to the election result.

“We have everything we need for the Democrats to win in November and perhaps a big victory. For the majority of citizens who admit that the immoral norms of the 19th century do not belong to the 21st century, 2022 The midterm elections need to be a referendum. America of the Century, “Rudell wrote. Hill..

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