The importance of Trump’s incompetence


Donald Trump.

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most Topical essay Last week was definitely Robert Kagan’s “Our constitutional crisis is already here” Washington postA long and fascinating survey of the very serious dangers that Donald Trump poses to American democracy as he approaches the 2024 presidential election.

But that doesn’t mean everyone is convinced.Los Douzat New York Times Find unconvincing arguments Because Cagan (most liberal Trump worries, as Douzat thinks) doesn’t take into account Trump’s incompetence. According to Douzat, what we’ve learned from Trump’s time at the White House is that he bids on how the government works, or even regular policy issues, not to mention the success of the coup. I didn’t know much about how to do it.Therefore, Douzat said, “Trump is Personally I’m going to organize the path to a constitutional crisis Without it Any of the powers he enjoyed in 2020 must address the reality of how incompetent he used all the powers of 16 to 20 years. “

It could be a compelling criticism if Cagan proposed that Trump reverse the loss in the 2024 election with one hand and tweak the lever of power to become president. But that is not Kagan’s claim. Cagan argues that: If Trump is carried out, he will win the Republican nomination. If he is a candidate and loses the election, he will claim to have been robbed a second time by fraudulent voting. And the outcome of this claim will be much worse than what happened in the aftermath of the 2020 elections.

The results are not exacerbated because Trump is a kind of genius in managing the American democratic system. Of course, it’s much harder to see from the outside than it was the last time you smoked in the Oval Office. winter. Results get worse because of one political talent Trump NS Possession that is a demagogue operation of public opinion. With exactly the same skills he used in 2016, he first took over the Republican Party and then won his narrow victory over Hillary Clinton.

It is this skill that persuaded two-thirds of Republicans to have stolen the 2020 elections. It was this skill that prompted a series of Republican-controlled states to replace electoral authorities with Trump supporters. And it’s this skill that prevents most Republicans in Congress from speaking to Trump’s civilally corrosive lies.

After the 2024 vote, Trump doesn’t need any kind of governing power to disperse the turmoil. It says, “Members of both parties claim victory, and others are making unconstitutional efforts to seize power.”

Where does such a mess end? I don’t know, but it’s not good anywhere. And Donald Trump is talented enough to pull it off.

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