The International COVID-19 Vaccine Passport is “naturally expected”

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Tuesday that the federal government is currently “very carefully” considering the idea of ​​a vaccine passport and will work with the Allies to establish measures for vaccinated travelers. It was.

“As before the pandemic, the vaccination certificate is part of an overseas trip to a particular area, and of course we can expect this pandemic and coronavirus,” Trudeau said. Tuesday press conference..

“How we actually deploy in collaboration with partners and allies around the world is what we are currently working on.”

His announcement seems to go against his position last month when Trudeau said there was already an established system of vaccination certificates to ensure safe travel abroad. The Prime Minister also said that if vaccination certificates were implemented domestically, they could raise issues of impartiality and impartiality.

When asked for a clear answer as to whether a vaccination certificate would be issued, Trudeau told reporters that the government “needs to announce more when it has to.”

Trudeau announced that European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen was fully vaccinated with the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus that causes COVID-19 disease in the New York Times on April 25. After saying that he would be able to travel freely. By this summer throughout the European Union.

It is unclear whether American travelers will need to submit vaccination certificates when they arrive in EU member states, but Von der Leyen says that all 27 member states have no vaccinated persons. He said he would accept the terms.

When asked if Canada would also consider allowing vaccinated American travelers to enter, Trudeau said he understood the difficulties facing travelers, but the government said. Only when the time has come will the border be reopened.

A vaccination certificate, or “vaccine passport,” is a travel document certifying that an individual has been vaccinated against a particular illness, such as COVID-19. There is not yet a global standard for what these vaccination certificates will look like. This can range from digital certificates to paper documents.

On Wednesday, British Secretary of Transportation Grant Shapps said the country announced plans to use it. National Health Service smartphone app As its COVID-19 vaccine passport.